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Honorary degree “Honored Man of European Folk Medicine” is awarded annually to conference participants for their individual merits, achievements and contributions to Folk medicine at the conference in Academy of Regenerative Medicine.

This honorary degree is awarded to citizens of European countries for пmany years of fruitful activity, merits and high achievements in European Folk medicine and for their great contribution to the development of Folk medicine priorities, for school establishment, personnel training, scientific and other activities which have significant importance, for their special merits in humanitarian and charitable activities, for their fruitful activities for the revival and enrichment of Folk medicine, for their merits in human health protection and before mankind.

Each honorary degree recipient gets a numbered certificate and will be awarded with a bronze, silver or gold medal “Honored Man of European Folk Medicine”.

Nine active participants of the conference were awarded with honorary degree “Honored Man of European Folk Medicine” and silver-gilt medals in 2011.

A silver-gilt medal is made of 12 grams of sterling silver coated with a thin layer of gold.

9 active participants of the conference

Some participants of the conference were awarded with the special certificates for their achievements in education, healing, charity and for their active participation in the International Conference «Recent and Future Developments in Folk Medicine» in 2011.