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The Academy of Regenerative Medicine offers more than 100 types of services. Here you can find out more about the cost of services in our center. For full details, please call us +48 66 11 22 876 or skype: walesta2001


The cost of a course of regenerative therapy

In most cases, patients who come to our Academy are interested in treating only one organ, more affected by their diseases . But we are engaged in health improvement and regeneration of the whole body rather than its separate damaged parts.

What do you think how much our services for the whole body restoration should cost?

There is no other body regeneration center like ours in the world. So we and you have nothing to compare it to.

We offer you to compare the cost and quality of treatment in different countries. Many people in various countries, who are disappointed with the efficiency and quality of treatment in their own countries, prefer to undergo their treatment in the USA, Israel, Germany, China or India.

Medical treatment in the U.S. is the most expensive in the world but in fact it’s ineffective. Pharmacological treatment in the U.S is widely advertised and it is actively supported by the government. But it proved to be little effective for treating many diseases. At the same time alternative methods of treatment are frowned upon in the U.S. Prices for conservative, even unpromising treatment of a disease start from 8 000 -15 000 US dollars in the developed European countries. There is an inattentive and hostile attitude towards foreigners. Many medications and procedures ineffective in treating a particular disease are often prescribed only in order to increase the total cost of treatment.

Prices for conservative treatment of a disease start from 10 000 US dollars in Israel. Moreover, patients are prescribed to undergo a lot of extra and unnecessary medical examinations on which they have to spend a lot of time and money. As a matter of fact the treatment itself is not carried out there. As a result, a patient is often diagnosed with an incurable disease. He is presented with a fait accompli that no one in the world can cure it. At the same time healthcare specialists content themselves with the decent amount of money received for diagnostics and medical examinations.

In Korea, China and India, people are proud of their natural medicine traditions which centuries-old experiences attract millions of patients within the country and from abroad. But they overestimate capabilities of their natural medicine and do not take into account harmful effects of modern civilization and polluted environment on human health. Therefore, modern specialists of natural medicine in these countries didn’t have and they don’t have now any methods of the effective influence on the human body and effective treatment of various diseases.
And their pride does not allow them to improve their natural medicine techniques, taking into account the specific features of the present situation. Even in these low income countries, prices for conservative treatment of a disease start from 4 000 US dollars. The treatment itself is carried out in a primitive way. Only two procedures a day + dubious pills or herbs can be prescribed. The treatment is more like a health resort rest with small improvements in general health. In fact, the treatment of serious diseases is not carried out there.

We offer various courses of regenerative therapy for the prevention, preservation, restoration and improvement of health, the use of which allows us:

  1. To do the body cleanse, encourage the body to heal itself and halt the progression of certain diseases: 13-30- day programs.
  2. To halt the progression of the disease or get rid of it in the case of mild and intermediate forms of «incurable» diseases: 30-60- day programs.
  3. To get rid of diseases in the case of severe «incurable» and even genetic forms of diseases, to regain previously lost functions , to launch the process of regeneration and rejuvenation in elderly and seriously ill people, as well as patients who need organ transplants: 90-365 day programs.

Everybody who visits our website would like to gain more information about the cost of our services. But before you familiarize yourself with our prices we’d like to offer you to think and evaluate approximately how much our courses of regenerative therapy, e.g. 90-365-day programs, can cost. You can put in your estimated price in EUR in the appropriate field and the web page with the current prices for our services will open.

It will be interesting for you to learn how close or far you have been to the truth.

Helpful information. You can familiarize yourself with the cost of healthcare services in health care facilities in Poland.

The cost of a 1-day in-hospital stay without treatment costs: from EUR 100.

The cost of transplant surgery:

Transplant The cost of transplant procurement organs in the USA (US dollars)
Heart 782 400
Liver 435 500
Kidney 176 900
Pancreas 191 700
Lung 409 500
Marrow allografting 480 300
Autologous bone marrow transplant 227 200
Corneal transplantation 24 400

I can hardly imagine how much nervous system transplantation could cost. Only we can do it allowing people to get rid of many neurological diseases, even of such serious diseases as all types of myopathy, atrophy and muscular dystrophy, MS, Parkinson’s disease.

Please note that when using our method the self-healing of the whole body rather than the non-surgical replacement of only one organ occurs.

And now let us consider for a moment: how much a comfortable life after the effective and safe impact of our method can cost. A life with a renewed body, without diseases, without organ transplants, without postoperative complications and body regeneration, and without pills?

The cost of services in The Academy of Regenerative Medicine Swiebodzice, Poland.

Online consultations with Aliaksandr Haretski via skype: walesta2001 - FREE

An individual medical appointment and a consultation held by Aliaksandr Haretski - 100 EUR

13-day 4 000 EUR
30-day 7 000 EUR
60-day 11 000 EUR
365-day 1 000 000 EUR

In case of accommodation in higher standard rooms, the cost will be increased by 20%.

The reservation fee for a course of regenerative therapy is EUR 400 per patient.

If a patient comes to the Academy of Regenerative Medicine on the stipulated date the reservation fee will be adopted as a part of the cost of the course of regenerative therapy paid in advance. If a patient doesn’t come to the Academy on the stipulated day of arrival it will be considered as a non-refundable reservation fee.

If you want to be placed on a waiting list you will have to fill in the form “An advance reservation of a course of regenerative therapy!” on our website. You can also ask us your questions about your visit to our Academy by e-mail: or by phone: tel., Viber, WhatsApp: +48732027579. Contact person: Maryna Charnenka, vice director.

Every applicant must provide detailed information about himself and his health problems.


After getting acquainted with the information posted on our website, many people think that we are wizards and within a week we can eliminate big problems that have existed for many years. Sometimes very quick fantastic results are achieved in our center - God works miracles, but this is an exception. In most cases, we and our patient must work hard and long hours with the help of God in order to achieve a goal. Our task is to cleanse the body and make it replace its old, sick and damaged cells with young and healthy ones. The regeneration process of the very damaged and weakened body is very time consuming. We can only recommend the right course of regenerative therapy for you. The choice always remains with the patient and depends on his faith, desires and possibilities! And thereby the result depends on your choice!


Payment reference information:
The Academy of Regenerative Medicine
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PL 25203000453110000000327910 (USD)
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