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It is remarkable that in many years practical use of our method in the case of the most severe incurable or even genetic diseases occurring in very young as well as old people, being in very severe and moderate condition - in each case very good results have been achieved. At the same time, the following contraindications have been established for which our method is not effective:

• Negative approach of a sick person to our natural methods instead of pharmacological ones. Lack of faith of the sick person or his immediate relatives in our method, body regeneration and self healing.

• Severe health condition of the patient, feverish state, haemorrhage, decompensation of systemic organ function: Grade IV circulatory failure, Grade IV kidney failure and hemodialysis use. In our centre there is no intensive care unit and no conditions necessary for the stay of such seriously ill persons.

• Exhaustion of the patient as a result of somatic or mental illness (fear, psychosis, schizophrenia). In such a condition people need special care, without which they become a threat to themselves and to the environment, i.e. other patients.

• IV stage cancer diseases (except those who are misdiagnosed with tumours, the number of which has recently increased dramatically).

• Application of biopsy. It can be said for certain that after a biopsy, in many cases there are metastases, infection of the entire organism with this infection, which was previously in one place, one tumour. Fighting with one foci of infection is simpler than the whole organism.

• The use of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, plant-derived poisonings, intravenous vitamin C or hydrogen peroxide therapy. These treatments are conducive to the death of huge numbers of cells, not only in the tumour but also throughout the body. With these methods there is more harm than good, and after their application the result may be unpredictable.

• Therapy with stem cells. There is no known case of actual cure after treatment using stem cell technology. Whereas they cause irreversible damage to health.

• We don’t heal any addiction, schizophrenia, infectious diseases transmitted by direct contact and sexually transmitted diseases.

• Patients having conductive implants in the heart, electrical, magnetic or mechanical cardiac stimulators. This prevents the use of our basic methods of treatment.

• Smoking, consumption of alcohol or drugs. They are not a disease but a gradual conscious destruction of one's own body, like suicide. I think that suicide’s treatment is a waste of time.

• Many medicines, diet supplements and some natural self-body regeneration methods previously prescribed outside of our centre by physicians or healers are most often incompatible with our methods and our medicinal herbs.

• Application of diets. Diet is a restriction in the meals. Whilst, in our point of view to regenerate the organism it is necessary to provide all elements necessary for the normal functioning of the body. You can live with diets, but it is impossible to cure with them.

• The presence of demonic, magical, and negative tattoos on the human body.

• Persons who do not believe in the existence of force majeure or who are under the influence of evil forces. Wizards, witches, shamans, fortune tellers, clairvoyants, prophets of the future, magicians. Ransomers, scammers, crooks, people characterised by anger, jealousy, hatred, pride, greed, lust, anger, gluttony, laziness - qualities that break the soul of man. Such people do not believe in anything, they do not fit everything, they are dissatisfied with everything, never execute recommendations and do not cure to the end!

• Those who have not repented for their sins and the sins of their relatives who did not stand in the Way of Good, Faith, Hope, Love and Mutual Help, who do not love themselves and their neighbour can waste neither time nor money on regenerating the body in our Academy.

After reading this list each of you may ask how the treatment of diseases, rejuvenation and regeneration of the body can be combined with getting rid of sins. My answer is very simple. This is not the usual method of treating illness but the method behind of which the powers of light stand, the forces of good which are called differently in different religions, although they exist and with their help this method has been created to regenerate the organs and the entire organism. It improves the quality of life, changes fate of man, rejuvenates the whole body and prolongs life. It is a kind of Youth Elixir that can only be used by a person who is worthy of that, with permission and with the help of the Higher Forces.

In case of any above mentioned contraindications, admission to treatment is only with the approval of Director of the Academy.

A man can cure only himself. Most important is the prevention and proper selection of appropriate treatments. The hardest thing in life is to choose a way to be healthy and not to hurt yourself. How to choose among the millions of methods the only one that depends on what is most valuable for people - life and health. Contemporary sources of information regarding medicine and self-healing are in most cases misinformation, they are just advertising drugs, pharmacological methods, and natural treatments that give no medicinal effects. In addition, many of them, in spite of the beautiful and tempting description, are very often deadly dangerous.

Currently, there are a lot of different charlatans offering their services, allegedly acting according to our method, impersonating our branches and centers. If on our official website in the "CONTACT" section there is no information about a particular branch or center, supposedly acting with accordance to our methodology, we can assure you that these are IMPOSTORS, and we kindly ask you to inform us about the existence of such a facility.

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