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How should SINNERS be treated?

We often hear the saying: “I would be glad to be in heaven, but my sins do not let me in!” Let’s see what it means. It does not mean that our souls go to heaven or hell after death. It describes our real life here and now. The meaning of this saying is the following – a person wants to do something, to achieve something, to get rid of the problems, to cure his diseases, but it does not work!

What is a sin?

A sin is a violation of the laws of nature. Sins are measured and defined by the society in which a person lives. Any person, regardless of a religion, believes in the existence of the Higher Power that can punish or save a man, and this Higher Power is separate from the man himself. Along with the sinful actions of a man, his thoughts are also considered to be sinful. If he wishes death to others, this is equal to a deadly sin. What do you think about the situation in the Ukraine, for example? What is going on and what will happen there, if all people without an exception hate one another, hate the Russians and wish death to each and everyone? How can you treat a person if he has an obsession for revenge and hates others? Any reasonable person understands that the treatment of the body without healing of the soul is just a waste of time!

It is not God who punishes a person. He and the burden of his own sins do that. And it is not God who saves him. It is done by the person himself and by his actions. God shows you the way, gives you wisdom, and the choice is always yours.

Regardless of a religion and no matter if a person believes in God or is an atheist, according to the laws of nature, there is white and black, good and evil, God and Devil. When you wish people bad things and death or when you damn them, you are on the side of the Devil. Why do you turn to God when trouble comes to you, and without correcting the offense, you ask him for help, and when you do not see the improvement, you damn even God?

In all religions there is one remedy – it is THE PRAYERS OF REPENTANCE AND FORGIVENESS. You should pray to God consciously. You need to thank God and ask him and those whom you have offended for forgiveness for your sins!

In fact, it is not enough to pray to God and ask him for forgiveness. People should correct their evil deeds and do something for the good of people and try to make this world better, more beautiful, stronger and wiser. Only good things (positive energy) can help you to repent of your sins, to take the path of redemption and correct your evil deeds. No one can forgive or grant remission of your sins – not a single relative, a priest, a shaman, a healer or a doctor – except those cases when some of them will consciously take over your sins and will be punished for you! There are laws of nature, according to which it is sometimes impossible to cure a sinner! No money in the world can make a doctor take over the sins of the patient, change his fate, give him a second life and cure him in spite of the will of the Higher Power. For this reason, the most effective kinds of treatment have different effects on the organism of people suffering from the same diseases and the results of their treatment are very different from one another.

Almost all patients who come to us and ask for help try to find out whether there have been any other patients with similar diseases, what results they have achieved and whether it is possible to contact them and ask them about the treatment in our center.

I urge you not to ask me that question from now on! I believe that there are no diseases that would be the same. We are unique and our diseases are unique, too. Each person has got his own individual causes of this or that disease, as well as his own unique set of sins which belong to both the patient and his kindred. So do not compare yourself with other patients who have similar diseases. We can give you a lot of examples of the effective impact of our unique method on the body of patients suffering from various severe incurable diseases, but at the same time it does not mean that even our powerful super-efficient method can be used equally effectively in the treatment of patients who have committed different sins and atoned for them in different ways.

Many doctors, shamans and healers believe that it is harder to treat atheists than believers. I also share this point of view with the proviso that it is even more difficult to treat fanatical believers as they believe that their faith in God will replace all kinds of therapy, and that the Holy Spirit will heal them. This is true, but they do not realize that all this concerns mainly the healing of the soul. No matter how much you pray - the physical body lives by other laws and requires physical impact. It turns out that atheists do not believe in God and the soul and heal only the body, while many believers treat only the soul without paying attention to the needs of the body!

Many people think that there is no God when everything is good in their lives. When everything is bad, they think that there is no God, too. No one wants to admit their mistakes and to realize that they are responsible for what they have done in their lives!

Up to a certain point people do not believe in God and do terrible things by their deeds, words, thoughts and all their feelings. And when something bad happens to them or their close ones, they start consulting doctors but it does not help! Then they look for some healers who are also unable to help them! In the end, they turn to fortune-tellers and clairvoyants. I think, many people have tried all these methods. But fortune-tellers and clairvoyants have no healing abilities. They operate at different frequencies. They mostly ‘read’ the negative information about your actions and the deeds of your ancestors. They believe that these actions could affect your fate and lead to the existing problem.

I believe that this practice does not help a sick person but even makes him feel worse! Why do you need to know the sins of your great-grandmother? Your life had been good enough before your visit to a fortune-teller and without the information she provided to you, but the fortune- teller dins into your head the unnecessary problems of your ancestors. Basically, all fortune-tellers are tuned to the frequency of the ‘reading’ of the negative information, while the positive information is in another place and it is ‘read’ in an absolutely different way. It is likely that any person who commits sins has to correct them himself in the end or he bears the punishment for them, and only a small part of his sins is “inherited”. Every person accumulates a huge amount of sins and he will have to pray for forgiveness until the end of his life. For many people it is easier to believe that they are sinless and blame their ancestors for all their troubles. Fortune-tellers never have complete information about what has happened to you or to your close ones. In most cases your ancestors have already paid for their sins. Not a single fortune-teller in the world will be able to tell you what sins of your ancestors were forgiven by God when they were still alive! If you still have some problems, do not go to fortune-tellers, but do good in order to atone for your sins and the sins of your ancestors. I believe that divination and prediction are the strongest sins of those who do this and for those who are interested in this.


How can a person atone for his sins? What good things can be done?

Each person has a large selection of good deeds and actions which can be beneficial for others. Even people who are seriously ill can participate in social activities helping others financially, physically and mentally.

Some sick people, who are able to walk and take care of themselves, do not get up from their beds and are constantly complaining about their miserable fate, while other sick people, who are confined to a wheelchair, try to do good to others and enjoy every moment of their life. One person has got a slight health problem, and it gradually leads him to death, while some other one can have a lot of problems, but he is not discouraged, and he lives happily with what he has. There is a woman whose name is Rosa and who lives ten kilometers away from me. She is a bit over 50, and during her life she has had 50 operations. She has virtually no stomach and no intestines, she has lost one kidney and the bladder, and … it is easier to count those inner organs that are left in her body without any surgeries than those ones which she has lost completely or partially. But you can easily understand that the inner organs that are left in her body have kept only a few per cent of their functions. Two special bags are permanently attached to her body to collect the urine and feces. You will not believe, but she is actively engaged in social activities helping sick people in a similar condition and she has got a family and a loving husband. She lives according to the principle “Do good to other people, and you will be happy in spite of all imaginable and unimaginable difficulties.”

What useful things can be done by a sick person who is physically unable to do anything?

  • NONE!

What shall he do then?

In fact, there remains only one opportunity to atone for his sins and the sins of his family - to become engaged in charity.

It is not a discovery. Charity has existed for thousands of years. It had a deep meaning in the past and it still has it now. In addition to helping people, it brings freedom from the past and future sins to a person who is engaged in it, as well as to his whole family and kindred.

Nobody thinks about how it happens. Even I used to underestimate the power of charity. Charity is the easiest and the most affordable way of atonement for one’s sins. But as it turned out, not all good things, including charity, have positive results in the end and can help to atone for one’s sins.

Some people love money more than life. For this reason, people die, even if they have a lot of money, because they are too stingy to spend it on their own treatment.

Many people believe that if they have given alms to a beggar, they have already done a good thing (or have performed a miracle) and have become free from all their sins. NO! This is not true. That man could take your money and get drunk. What is the purpose of your donation?

Many people do not realize that they can atone for their sins, doing exceptionally good things which are helpful to people and society. And what is the use to encourage idleness, begging and drunkenness? One-time handout cannot change the life of a homeless person and atone for your sins.

You commit sins every day and think that giving a handout to a beggar can atone for them? It is absurd!

Many people want to atone for their sins, but they do not have enough money, and there is no other way to do it.

Patients whose treatment is paid for by some charitable foundations often come to our center, i.e. for them it is actually free of charge. A person commits a sin, then he is punished by means of a serious disease, and after he has realized and corrected his mistakes, the Higher Power provides him with money for his treatment with the help of charitable foundations or other means. This is a normal process. No matter that a person has no money for his treatment - it is important to correct your mistakes and everything you need for your healing will come by itself.

Many charitable foundations collect money from those who have enough sins, and for those sinners charity is the only way for the salvation of their souls. But money is material. Its function can be constructive or destructive. It is very important who has given it and to whom it has been given, and for what purpose it will be spent. There is a relevant phrase: “FREE OF CHARGE.’’ It means: ‘’ DEMON PAYS!” And you will have to pay to DEMON, too. But what do you think will be given away to him as payment?

Treatment is a difficult process. It is necessary to take into account lots of factors in order to cure the disease and not to get into the vise of other troubles.

Sometimes even our method can do little to help some sick people, because, as it turned out, IT IS NECESSARY TO PAY FOR EVERYTHING!

It is very good that many people have an opportunity to atone for their sins by means of money and help others, but sinners are usually unwilling to part with their savings. Treatment can be ineffective and useless without the atonement of the sins that have been accumulated by a sinner or his kindred. Sins are material. Behind each action there is someone or something that prevents a sinner from atoning for his sins. And the sins themselves will prevent him from doing good things. People do not understand that. It is possible to go to the side of good, but it’s harder to do that than, for example, to become a Muslim if a person is an Orthodox. Pay attention to rich people. Money is more important for them than their own health and lives. Having a huge fortune, many of them do not only do anything for the good of others, but also for their own health, too. They spend millions on useless things and die without using their fortune to prolong their lives.

For 5 years I have been studying the impact that charity has on the process of body regeneration of elderly and young people with severe incurable diseases. I was astonished by the conclusions to which I had come.

As it has been mentioned above, not every donation can be called a useful and good thing. Sometimes charity adds a new sin to a person’s list of sins. For example, the collection of money for a war, terrorism, the training of militants and support of aggressive nationalist groups and evil deeds is not charity, because these actions are aimed at killing other people. Donating money for such purposes (or even giving money for these purposes, being unaware of their deadly mission), people unknowingly commit a great sin. While providing the funding for such deeds, a person becomes an accomplice in the murders and violence (a deadly sin).

It should be clear to everyone that not only your personal actions, but your encouraging of evil deeds, entail spiritual responsibility!

I have made an interesting conclusion by examining the effectiveness of the impact of our method on those patients whose treatment in our Academy has been paid for by charitable foundations. In these cases they do not pay for their treatment themselves. Therefore, many of them do not appreciate the help that they have had from other people, and sometimes they do not appreciate our work. We manage to achieve positive results in their treatment, but they are not as significant as in the case when a patient spends his own savings on his treatment.

But everything is not so simple even in the cases when a patient or his family pays for their own treatment. In some cases we can achieve great positive results, in others it is the other way round – there are only minor improvements.

In this case, the patient pays for his treatment himself, but he is very sorry to part with his savings. It is hard for him to accept the fact that he must pay for his treatment in a private clinic, while the government must provide him with the services for free. These thoughts prevent him from eating and sleeping. They devour him from the inside and do not give him any opportunity to get positive results of his treatment.

People with pathological greediness cannot accept the fact that they have to pay for their treatment, and it oppresses them. In developed countries people are so programmed that they should only be treated for free, that even if they had to choose between life and death, they would choose death and would not pay for their treatment.

As usual, such people accumulate a lot of sins and they do not do enough good things, and they do not want to hear anything about charity. Most often, such people get to our Academy accidentally and they usually take one or (very rarely) two short recreational and regenerative courses. Many factors annoy them and have a negative impact on the course of their treatment, so they often remain undertreated.

In this case it does not matter if they are rich or poor. It is even more difficult to treat some rich people, as they are more attached to money and material things, and do not care very much about their health. They require special attention and distinguish themselves among the other patients. And I believe that all people are equal before God and a doctor.

Taking into consideration the fact that we do not just provide ordinary treatment, but we treat patients who suffer from incurable and deadly diseases and the elderly who are almost at the final stage of their disease and life, the process of regeneration is not just treatment – we save and prolong their lives, change their fates and karma.

Thanks to my knowledge, abilities and the will of God, I can do lots of things, but a person’s fate can only be changed by the Higher Power and the patient himself. He can do it alone or with someone’s help (and possibly with the help of the staff of our Academy of Regenerative Medicine), but only with help! We cannot change the fates of our patients, and without it they cannot be cured. A man with a deadly disease should not just be treated, but he should make every possible effort to correct his mistakes and the mistakes of his kindred. You should forgive all your offenders, ask God for forgiveness for your sins, try to find all those people whom you have offended or their relatives and ask them for forgiveness for any evil deeds, no matter how hard it may be to do so.

For quite a long time I have been looking for the answer to the following question – what can be done to help a person overcome his disease without repentance and atonement for his sins?

And I have come to the following conclusion - NOTHING!
Then the question arises - how can he be cured?
It is very difficult to find the right answer.

I have made up a simple but effective mechanism that often works successfully at the first stage of treatment.

Once I increased the cost of recreational and regenerative courses in our center so that it included the cost of the program of free regeneration of those patients who were not just ill, but who had deadly diseases (in fact, I was saving their lives) and who would be useful to the society after their recovery. I have made a section devoted to charity on our website and posted the information about those people to whom I will help myself and who can get help from our patients and any strangers who are not indifferent to the fate and misery of others. I think that these people are worthy, and the assistance provided to them by other patients will have a beneficial impact on the process of their body regeneration. And it will partially neutralize the sins of those people who will provide them with such assistance.

And it has worked!

A person who comes to our Academy for body regeneration, partly funds the treatment, saves the lives and changes the destiny and karma of others. Having combined all the procedures, self-programming and charity (the latent form of atonement for one’s sins), the efficiency of body regeneration has increased significantly.

But the amount of donations for charity which I have got at my disposal is negligible in comparison with the magnitude of the sins committed by some of my patients. Therefore, I explain to all my patients that when they come back home after their treatment, they do not just have to, they are obliged to do as many good things as possible. Then God will forgive them and will send them the healing of their body, soul and spirit!

Those people, who realize that and do good, achieve positive results of treatment very quickly!

Remember! Trouble does not come by itself. If you have got a fatal diagnosis and you want to save your life and restore your health, we recommend you to do the following thing - before you start your treatment, try to save the life of another person and help him to recover.

Do good things. Do not just get involved in charity work, make sure that your money will do good and not harm to people. It is desirable that your assistance should be targeted, that is, the one to whom you have helped should know who has helped him and saved his life and health. In this case, he and his soul will thank you during his whole life, and you will have an invisible but a very strong support!

Pain has made you Stronger, Tears have made you Braver, and Disappointment has made you Wiser. Thank your past for a BETTER FUTURE!