A 1-day course of regenerative therapy (8 hours):

Everybody understands that it’s impossible to cure a serious disease in a day. But it’s possible to give the human body a good impulse to regenerate. You will be able to see with your own eyes what impact simple natural regenerative methods may have on the human body and you will learn how to use them at home. This program will help some skeptics to see with their own eyes how the body regeneration process occurs in our Academy of Regenerative Medicine and it also will help them to get rid of the fear to use previously unknown methods of treatment by themselves. It will give them confidence and hope. Before making a decision to undergo long- term treatment, some patients come to our Academy to familiarize themselves with our work for 1-3 days. According to their words, even one day of body regeneration increases their strength and energy, improves their health in so much that it prolongs their life for a whole year.

The date of arrival must be agreed in advance with the head of the academy. An overnight stay is included in the price.

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