A 90-day course of regenerative therapy

The Academy of Regenerative Medicine in Swiebodzice is the only health care institution in the world in which the unique method of body regeneration is used successfully. The use of this method allows the specialists of the center to stimulate the human body to heal itself, to halt the progression of serious «incurable» and even genetic diseases ,to regain previously lost body functions, to launch the process of body regeneration and rejuvenation in seniors, seriously ill people and patients who need to undergo transplant of a severely damaged organ.

This is the optimal course of regenerative therapy for body regeneration and rejuvenation, as well as for sick people with such diseases as all types of myopathy, atrophy and muscle dystrophy, multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s disease, chronic incurable genetic diseases, autoimmune diseases, diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs, oncology, tumors, cancer, rare diseases, endocrine diseases.

A 90-day course of regenerative therapy includes:

This program helps to stop the growth of various tumors.

The program is so effective that our patients stop taking almost all their medications without prejudice to their health since the first days of body regeneration. In future, it will allow them to save on household expenses, to do no harm to their body and avoid medication side effects. This program allows us without effort to eliminate opioid and other drug dependence.

Prevention , healing and body regeneration in case of intermediate and severe forms of diseases.

It is used for the prevention of seasonal, chronic, infectious and oncological diseases. This is the best harmless alternative to vaccines against influenza, acute respiratory infections and many other diseases.

This is the optimal course of regenerative therapy for seniors and patients with severe forms of diseases!

We can help you as much as God will permit us!

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