If you have already looked through all the information posted on our website and you have decided to undergo the rehabilitation course in our medical rehabilitation center you will have to do the following:

The academy will make out an invoice after receiving the said information. If a patient needs an official invitation to undergo a rehabilitation course in our medical rehabilitation center We will send you an official invitation for rehabilitation in our medical rehabilitation center only after receiving EUR 400 as a part of the cost of the rehabilitation program paid in advance (if any other terms are not agreed upon with the head of the Academy in a written form). If you have received our official invitation and due to some reasons you have not gone to rehabilitation or you have arrived at the Academy and have refused to undergo rehabilitation there, EUR 400 paid in advance will not be refundable! It will be considered as a non-refundable fee for invitation processing and hotel reservation.

After arrival at the Academy, each patient must sign the letter of responsibility, in which he makes a commitment to observe all the rules established in the Academy, gives his consent that author’s and other methods and know-how developments may be used for his treatment in The body regeneration center, and in which he undertakes not to disclose confidential commercial information.