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Since 2009 I use my own developed method for regeneration of the body of patients with severe incurable diseases. Based on the received results I came to the conclusion that multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Parkinson’s disease and aging are curable with the help of this author’s technique. Many sick people couldn’t believe in it. In fact, not only ordinary people but also doctors, academicians, scientists, politicians, business magnates and presidents of many countries suffer from these diseases. And when someone states that he is able to do such things that nobody else can do, everyone begins to suspect that this is quackery. Especially if the treatment is carried out without the use of any medications. During more than a year I unsuccessfully tried to explain that it was real.

In 2011 I was in Berlin and met Peter, the owner of the restaurant. He suffered from multiple sclerosis and he was in a very serious condition. He only could turn his head a little and he could hardly speak He agreed to undergo a course of regenerative therapy in the Academy on an experimental basis. He was Polish. He needed a little time to settle the formalities before his departure and find a special car for transporting disabled persons. But just a day after some specialists of the hospital came to him and took him to the hospital for the research and testing of new drugs. A month later I arrived in Berlin. By that time after taking new drugs Peter couldn’t move his head at all and we couldn’t understand what he tried to tell us. His nurse could hardly help us to talk to him. Peter was still interested in our body regeneration method and I tried to use some techniques of my method to help him right at his home. I impacted on him with my energy, gave him some drops of my balsam, did him back and lumbar massage and applied my “magic” cream on his spine. All these procedures lasted for no more than 20 minutes.

In 2 weeks his friend phoned and told me that Peter wouldn’t come to the Academy because he felt worse after my departure. I asked his friend to describe me the symptoms of his rapid deterioration. It turned out that after my bio-energetic impact (20 minutes) he had severe pain in his spine while he hadn’t felt any pain in his body at all for 2 years because of severe nervous system disorders. The fact that frightened my patient was a bright event for me. It only confirmed my theory that multiple sclerosis could be easily cured. The patient didn’t want to feel any pain and its effects. On the one hand it was normal but on the other hand within 20 minutes of using only a small part of required procedures his body could restore his nervous system so much that his spine started to hurt him. I was happy but the patient was dissatisfied.

Not everybody can understand the mechanism of body regeneration and restoration. It’s impossible to recover the nervous system and leave her indifferent towards other disorders in the human body. I don’t know about the fate of this man. He had a chance to improve his health but his fear of pain was stronger than his fear of death.

Later a new patient, Pshemek came to us from Scotland. He also was Polish. He suffered from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). I told him after his initial examination that regardless of the fact that he hadn’t already walked for a year he didn’t have very atrophied leg muscles and I could restore his nervous system during 10 days, and if he did special exercises intensely his muscles would become viable and he himself would be able to walk again. I told him that it would be more difficult to restore his hands as he had only 30 % of hand muscles so we would need much more time to restore his manual dexterity.

After my words Pshemek looked at me suspiciously and he couldn’t understand if he could believe me or not. I left him for an hour that he could make a decision if he would undergo a course of regenerative therapy in the Academy or not. I looked into his eyes and saw only desire and hope in them but there was no confidence in his eyes. I offered him like all other patients to stay in the Academy and if something didn’t suit him he would be able to leave at any time.

He was very hard working. He followed all my instructions carefully and underwent all required procedures. In 7 days of his course of regenerative therapy he could walk himself and at the end of his 20-day course of regenerative therapy he could stand up from his wheelchair by himself.

We, all staff of the Academy, and Pshemek himself were amazed at his success and such positive effects of his body regeneration in the Academy. He just cried from happiness. We made a film about his course of regenerative therapy in the Academy which is posted on our official website. Some people think that now it’s possible to make any film on the computer but our films are real documentary confirmations of unique results of our patients’ body regeneration in the Academy. The problem of trust exists always and everywhere. We do real things and we don’t need to agitate anybody. If a person wants to get healthy God will show him the way and help him to believe. But if he doesn’t believe in God and doesn’t have trust in other people nobody will help him.

I can proudly say to those who are interested in health recovery with the help of our body regeneration method that up to the present moment we have enough volunteers with oncological diseases, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, autoimmune diseases and even genetic and hereditary diseases who underwent successful body regeneration in the Academy. In all cases, our patients received very good results.

Multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease have similar symptoms and causes. Scientists are still arguing about the causes of these diseases. Some of them believe that multiple sclerosis is a viral disease and its treatment strategy must be based on the treatment of virus in order to stop its progression. Others think that it is an autoimmune disease, and therefore it should be treated accordingly or as an allergy.

The third scientists think that fungal infections cause multiple sclerosis, the forth ones blame helminths, the fifth ones accuse environmental contamination, the sixths – bad unhealthy food, the sevenths explain all causes by hoodoo and curses, the eighths think that sick people are punished for the sins of their ancestors, the ninths accuse toxins in the human body, the tenths – stresses, the elevenths – lifestyle… This is just a small list of real factors that may cause these severe diseases.

Now many treatment programs for these diseases are developed all over the world. But the use of these treatment programs haven’t produced positive results. Everybody tries to prove his point and treat viral infections until the used antibiotics become more dangerous in the human body than this viral infection itself. They use painkillers to treat pain until a patient becomes addicted to them. But nobody tells us about the danger of antibiotics and narcotic painkiller addiction. Otherwise, the pharmaceutical empire will be destroyed.

Every doctor treats only those diseases which he was taught to treat at the university, but he was also taught at the university that these diseases are incurable! How a doctor may cure a disease if he doesn’t know how to do it and what medications to use for its treatment. Our doctors were not taught to eliminate the causes of the disease. And more they were not taught what they had to do if there were a few causes of the disease.


I try to eliminate all these causes simultaneously and it produces its positive results. Scientists and doctors mostly try to eliminate only one cause of the disease in accordance with their narrow professional specialization. It happens so because nowadays there is no such doctor who treats the whole body. The human body is divided into parts and each doctor is specialized to treat only one specific part of the human body.

The main goal of all scientific researches is to find medications for diseases. In other words, scientists are interested only in the search of medications in the form of tablets or injections, how to get a patent on their medication, do nothing and get profit. In fact, patients with incurable diseases must know all information about their diseases and possible methods of their treatment. There are no medications to fight these diseases and they will never be found. Now there is only our universal method of healing these and many other diseases which successfully copes with this task.

Every patient has the right to choose the way of treatment. It is advisable to start treatment at the early stages of the disease. The regeneration process will occur faster and easier. It is important to pay attention to the fact that in our method we use only pure natural remedies that have no side effects. This approach may help a patient to live a fulfilled life and it’s very important for him. Patients should maintain a healthy lifestyle, get rid of bad habits and increase the body’s defenses.

The normal process of body regeneration should lead to temporary aggravation. Exacerbation is a sign that the process of regeneration has already been started in the body. The body regeneration process involves the following steps: stopping the progression of the disease during 5-20 days, immune system regeneration during 10 – 20 days, the first full body cleanse during 2-3 months, organ regeneration during 2 – 6 months. All these figures are imputed. One can get up from a wheelchair in a week, the others will do it in 2 weeks or in a year. It all depends on the patient’s condition and his desire to get healthy and do a lot of unpleasant but necessary procedures and exercises.

Physical exercises are the sine qua non of “self-healing” as we can call the treatment process of these diseases. Our task is to give the human body a chance to recover all systems and organs including the nervous system. Our method allows to start the mechanism of regeneration in all cases. Some changes at the cellular level occurred in the bodies of patients suffering from these diseases. The body itself replaced functional cells of the nervous system with new cells in the damaged parts. They are old inefficient cells, intermediate cells, cells of scar tissue and cancer cells.

The process of replacement of old cells with new functional cells may occur ONLY IF A PATIENT HAS THE HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM, IF HIS BODY GIVES A COMMAND TO REGENERATE, IF THERE ARE ALL NECESSARY NUTRIENT ELEMENTS IN HIS BODY AND IF HE DOES PHYSICAL EXERCISES. Our method is the best technique for immune system stimulation.

The author’s special method of bio-informative impact allows to give a command to replace old inefficient cells with required new functional cells that should be on their place and to fulfil their vital functions. This process of replacement may occur only if the patient has a wish and he is ready to help his body. Phytotherapy, mud therapy, original balsams and oils, proper nutrition, full body cleanse allow to give all the necessary for body regeneration.

We use special medicinal herbs, balsams and oils together with various physical exercises which each patient himself does. Thus it is possible to give a command to muscles to replace dead damaged cells, intermediate cells, cells of scar tissue and cancer cells with healthy functional cells. If a patient doesn’t do physical exercises his body doesn’t see the necessity to replace its cells with new ones which must fulfil a required function.

This method allows to regenerate the human body, modify the structure of cells and organs and even change DNA codes. It allows to treat hereditary and genetic diseases. But we shouldn’t forget that all these things are possible only if a patient himself does maximal exercises.

Physical exercises are required:

  • to increase blood circulation, provide cells regularly with all nutrient elements and remove metabolic waste products;
  • to strengthen lymphatic, endocrine and immune systems;
  • to enhance a complete body cleanse.

**If you exercise, only your functional cells involved in body functions will divide and old damaged cells, intermediate cells, cells of scar tissue and cancer cells will be removed from your body little by little. For this reason the use of our method is strictly forbidden for lazy persons as during this started process of regeneration we must regenerate only necessary cells and replace all other cells with new healthy functional cells. The immobilized body will regenerate all cells that it has before this process of regeneration and if the body replaces old damaged cells, intermediate cells, cells of scar tissue and cancer cells with new similar cells it will fix the condition in which the patient was during many months and even years. It will be impossible to improve his health. It will be hard to start the process of regeneration in his body. It is easy to replace an old cell with a new one but it will be hard to remove a new cell even if the body doesn’t need it. This new cell wants to live and it can live its life.

Why did our patients call this method „The elixir of youth”? Because seniors have a lot of old damaged cells, intermediate cells, cells of scar tissue and cancer cells in the body. By using this method of regeneration and physical exercises the human body itself removes them in a very short period of time and regenerates only required functional cells. Seniors restore their bodies much faster in accordance with our regenerative method than young people. They rejuvenate right before our eyes. This process of rejuvenation occurs so quickly that its results are seen every day. The process of regeneration occurs more slowly but effectively in the bodies of young patients suffering from the above said diseases. In their cases the body has so many various disorders and damaged cells that it removes them massively and restores its original condition by the help of our body regeneration method. Sedentary or paralyzed persons, to simply say, turned into immobilized muscle mass of inefficient cells . Our task is to replace all these cells with new functional cells. Nothing will get done if a patient doesn’t help us, if he doesn’t exercise hard every day. No matter how good and effective our body regeneration method is, it is powerless without patient’s help.

Here you have the answer why there aren’t and can’t be medications for these and many other incurable diseases.

Scientists look for medications which they try to give to an intrinsically lazy person without helping his body to remove old useless cells and without supplying all elements required for regeneration of new cells. The human body consists of trilliards of various cells and few of them look like their neighbours. Every cell must be in exactly the right place and fulfil exactly its intended function. Body regeneration is possible if new functional cells stand in the right place. Body regeneration is possible if we don’t treat the disease itself but if all old damaged cells of the human body are replaced with new efficient cells. Only the patient himself can cope with this task. But all people are programmed that only doctors can heal them. For this reason there is a big list of incurable diseases which doctors are not able to heal, with which medicine can’t cope, but the patient himself can overcome these diseases! As you know, the rescue of drowning - the handiwork of drowning!

These diseases require special treatment and attention. It will be enough for patients with other diseases to undergo a 20-day course of regenerative therapy in the Academy, but patients with these diseases should undergo at least a 30-day course of regenerative therapy. The best possible option for body regeneration of patients with these diseases is to undergo three 30-day course of regenerative therapy with intervals of 2 - 4 months or even better one 6-month course of regenerative therapy without intervals.

Many people want to be healthy and at the same time do nothing. They come here as to the resort and declare – CURE ME! NO, DEAR ALL! ONLY A PATIENT HIMSELF CAN HEAL HIMSELF! WE ONLY HELP HIM. We worry about our reputation so if we see that a patient doesn’t follow our recommendations according to his lights we terminate the contract with him and stop his body regeneration in the Academy. Our body regeneration method is not for lazy people!**


Every person has cancer cells in the body. It’s a normal state of any human body. There are a lot of causes of oncological diseases but there is one main cause that all patients with cancer have is a weakened immune system that contributes to the development of cancer cells. Our method is universal for treatment of 80 % of incurable diseases including CANCER. Based on the results of researches received during the body regeneration of patients with cancer in our Academy we can confidently say that many types of Cancer respond to the treatment by using our method.

The following types of cancer can be treatable: blood cancer, cervical cancer, skin cancer, bowel cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer. Stage I- III cancers can be healed quickly. But the problem is that we mainly have patients who don’t have a few months, they have only a few days to live, patients with stage IV cancer. Sometimes we save lives even in these cases but these are exceptions. The process of restoration is long-lasting. If vital organs are very damaged a patient has few chances of full body regeneration by using any method of treatment.

Our method allows to restore an immune system. The strong immune system helps to fight tumors. There is no tumor itself in blood cancer but there is a weakened body that has stopped to function properly. And if there are no other serious health problems this disease can be treated easily and quickly during two-three 30-day courses of regenerative therapy.

If there is one or a few small tumors of stage I-III it is possible to influence the patient’s body and the tumor can self-destruct. In case of big tumors the difficulty of treatment is that when the immune system is strengthened the body sees this unnecessary mass and turns off its energy supply, de-energizes the tumor, and all cancer cells of this tumor start to die. As a result a big lump of dead cells appear in the body. The body itself isn’t able to remove this lump of dead cells through its blood system by resolving it like small tumors. In this case the tumor bursts and some pus, tissue, blood of this tumor are ejected. The problem is that if they are ejected inside the body there is a risk of sepsis, if they are ejected out of the body only some pus can be ejected or there can be a severe bleeding. On the one hand this bleeding must be stopped but on the other hand the tumor must have a possibility to come freely out of the body.

It’s a vicious circle. Scared of the consequences a patient hurries to the hospital and he is urgently operated on. So I recommend immediately to undergo surgery at any slightest possibility and remove big tumors. According to the statistics chemotherapy and radiation therapy can help 5-15% of patients to fight cancer On the one hand it’s not much but it’s enough. But on the other hand when you see side effects of radiation therapy and chemical poisoning you don’t see any positive results of such treatment.

After radiation treatment and chemotherapy the body is very weak and the formation of new tumors or other diseases - it is all about timing. I don’t understand the actions of doctors who prescribe their patients a long-term course of chemotherapy after successful tumor removal. The result is that their patients die. I have talked to many doctors and all of them have admitted that if they get Cancer they won’t agree to undergo any chemotherapy and they will use regenerative medicine techniques to the bitter end or will make a decision to undergo surgery. Our method in the fight against cancer is unique in that a weakened immune system is strengthened and the whole body is restored.

The use of our regenerative method is ideal for restoration of patients after successful surgery. In these cases there is no need to undergo radio-and chemotherapy. I think our method is the best method of postoperative rehabilitation. It fulfils two main functions: it can fight Cancer, metastatic lesions and it makes an immune system of a patient stronger than an immune system of a healthy person.

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