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CANCER is not a killer, but DIAGNOSIS and TREATMENT! Incurable diseases mystery unraveled.

  1. From the secret archive!

  2. Previously unknown causes and factors leading to cancer.

  3. Modern diagnostics - the opium of mankind!

  4. Methods of cancer treatment

  5. Problems in the treatment of cancer and recommendations.

Part 1. From the secret archive!

For the first time I reveal my secret of how I manage to choose effective treatment for people suffering from incurable diseases. The first secret is that we do not treat any disease and any damaged organ separately. We treat the body as a whole. Very many diseases have similar causes of development and factors that worsen the disease. They include a weakened immune system, a variety of viruses, bacteria, fungi, worms, hormonal disorders, back problems, poor nutrition, negative energy, unfavourable ecological environment and much more. The application of our universal method allows to act comprehensively on the whole body - and not on the individual, damaged parts - to cleanse the body from different viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, toxins and acidification, to eliminate the main causes of disease development, to strengthen the immune system, and it also allows to launch the mechanisms of regeneration and self-renewal of the body in patients with various illnesses, including many chronic diseases, incurable, and even genetic diseases.

The second secret is that in many diseases, called by doctors “incurable” because of the lack of effective drugs, we use successfully only harmless natural methods and our own know-how. Doctors have at their disposal only medicines which relieve symptoms of the disease and slow down its development. To create drugs for various incurable illnesses they have been issued many billions of dollars, they tried millions of different ways of treatment, but so far no pharmaceutical company is involved in drug development, the application of which would enable effective fighting against incurable diseases or would help the person to get rid of the terrible problems for ever. The only new drugs have been developed which favour longer life slightly. However, during many years of research and experiments there were also conscientious scientists who presented studies confirming that, by using some natural means, sick people were able to overcome their incurable disease completely. In turn, any pharmaceutical company can not allow to appear information about effective using of the natural remedies to treat many incurable diseases. Most of the medicinal plants grows in our gardens, in the forest, fields and meadows. Natural methods of treatment for many diseases have been used effectively for many generations until they were replaced with readily available, but expensive medicinal preparations. Pharmaceutical companies do everything what in their power to disable ability to overcome incurable diseases. For each of the incurable disease they drawn up a list of treatments and measures that are contraindicated. This list contains a variety of effective natural methods, and its preparation is aimed at only one thing: not to apply them by a sick person, because they can allegedly harm and worsen the course of her illness. I analysed the information and realised that if the modern medicine forbids something to use to treat any disease, then it definitely needs to be used to treat a given ailment. It turned out that a lot of contraindications has a very strong therapeutic effect. Doctors unknowingly gave people algorithm for the treatment of all incurable diseases as a list of contraindications to their treatment. I started using different methods from this list, and I was amazed at effectiveness of them.

Thus I solved the biggest fraud in the medical field. First, incurable disease can be effectively cured. Second, effective methods of treatment of many incurable diseases have been known long time ago, but people were intimidated by long list of contraindications to the use of the most effective treatment methods in order to sick men could not heal themselves.

As a confirmation of my words, I would like to cite one example, so that you can find out how we are deceived. Very often in the medical articles on the Internet there is information about the dangers of ultraviolet rays to the human body. The source of ultraviolet light is the sun and solarium. It became very common to say that ultraviolet rays can cause cancer and many other diseases. This statement sounds very convincingly and categorically, but it is not justified. There is no scientific justification that the ultraviolet rays are harmful to the human body. Such a justification can not be. However, doctors recommend not to stay in the sun and not to use the solarium.

So why does modern medicine try to malign influence of the main source of life on Earth? The answer is simple. The sun is the strongest and free doctor!

First, the ultraviolet rays favour the production of hormones in the human body. The sun gives necessary hormones of happiness - serotonin and endorphin which protect us from depression. Joy unstoppable and euphoria - it is a hormone called dopamine and its increase by solar radiation may promote the treatment of schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. Secondly, under the influence of ultraviolet rays vitamin D is produced in the body. When you read the information of good effects of vitamin D formulations sold in pharmacies, their alleged efficiency astonishes. They favour the strengthening of the bone tissue, help to expel the heavy metals from the body, contribute to the strengthening immunity. They are involved in the regulation of tyrosine hydroxylase - the enzyme necessary for the production of dopamine, adrenaline and noradrenaline. A normal level of these hormones is a key factor of good mood and well-being. The level of testosterone increases sexual activity of men due to forming vitamin D in the body under the sun influence. I do not understand why people mindlessly go to the pharmacy for chemical vitamins and do not use natural “sunshine vitamin” or solarium. Nowadays, many specialists recommend the use of various creams before and after sun exposure during the summer. In fact, these creams can cause an allergic skin reaction as well as they can cause cancer. The danger for our skin is not sun but the means of skin care and anti-sunburn. Most recently, the results of studies made by a group of researchers led by Richard Weller (Edinburgh) confirmed that a man staying in the sun drops his blood pressure and reduces the risk of blood clots. Therefore the sun is not only conducive to health, but also extends the life, can prevent serious diseases such as stroke and heart attack. The sun plays an important role in blood clotting and is not harmful, it has good effect in the treatment of allergic diseases. Under sunlight influence in the body is released biologically inert nitrite NO3, then it is transformed into nitrate and nitric oxide which lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. The sun gives strongest antibacterial effects, reduces the number of acne lesions, wounds and cuts heal quickly, which means that it improves skin condition. Sun normalises hormone production in women and increases libido. I think everybody understands now that UV rays contribute to the production of hormones and vitamin D in the human body. However, the fact that they are effective in treating many diseases, including cancer of the liver and skin, doctors try not to speak and qualify ultraviolet rays as a contraindication. And therapy with the light is widely used in the treatment of even infants. Let’s look at exactly to how doctors camouflaged instruction on the treatment of newborn jaundice. „Mild and medium severe cases of jaundice can be easily treated with a special irradiation, which is called light therapy. Usually, children are treated with light at the hospital. In some cases, children suffering from hepatitis may be treated at home, using lamps that are issued by the physician. Sometimes children, suffering from jaundice are irradiated using fluorescent light. Light therapy in the hospital is based on placing an infant in the incubator, where the light is absorbed into the skin. The skin absorbs the light. Light transforms the bilirubin into another form, and the body easily excretes the substance with faeces and urine. The child is stripped to the effects of light covered a larger area of skin. The eyes are closed to protect them from the bright lights.“ The text mentions the following expressions: Special light rays, light therapy lamps issued by a doctor, fluorescent light, the light is absorbed into the skin, the skin absorbs light, the light turns bilirubin. All of that is simple and understandable for adults, all these expressions just mean that a newborn child is irradiated in an incubator using lamps that emit ultraviolet radiation, which is also used in each solarium sunbathing. Wherein it is completely omitted information about even greater effect of direct sunlight on the body of all the people, including neonates and infants, because otherwise mums would take children outdoors for the purpose of tanning, rather than to cure them in the hospital. Ultraviolet rays are indispensable drug that allows to restore quickly and easily the proper functioning of the liver and is conducive to its self-healing. Our centre is the only clinic which applies solarium obligatory for medicinal purposes, namely to obtain: the energy, the production of hormones, vitamins and enzymes, restoring the proper functioning of the liver so that our patients could joy and be happy. We strongly recommend the use of tanning in the sun or in a solarium for the treatment of all types of cancer, including skin, liver, pancreatic or blood cancer. Before and after the treatment of the liver, any surgery to treat a variety of diseases it is necessary to sunbathe on the sun or in a tanning bed. Susceptible individuals to depression usually close at home and try not to go outside. Very often they are isolated from the society in clinics and do not have possibility to go beyond the walls of the building. Therefore, it is very difficult for them to get out of depression, without the help of sunlight as a natural antidepressant.

Breatharians are people who live without food and drinks. Although they are healthy, strong and their body looks younger than is indicated in their metrics. People who do not eat believe that you can live a whole lifetime feeding only by solar energy, air and water. There are thousands of such people in the world living like plants. The main sources of their life are sun, air and water. They can absorb energy from the sun and the air thanks to a special method of breathing. The real existence of such people confirms my theory that diets, all kinds of advertised meals, the use of drugs and treatments are not very important for human health!

The sun is the main source of life and health, but not the disease!

I believe that without nutritional sunlight can not be happy and healthy life. Many doctors have the opposite opinion. And what do you think about this? Who is right?


The rector and the founder of Academy of Regenerative Medicine, Poland.

The founder of a new direction in REGENERATIVE medicine and in treatment of NEUROLOGICAL DISEASES which is successfully used in practice.

Director of the body regeneration center of the Academy of Regenerative Medicine, Poland.

Professor of department of neurology of the International University of Science in Hannover, Germany

Doctor of naturopathy/ complementary medicine of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies in Hannover, Germany. The theme of his doctoral dissertation was “A New Approach to the Treatment of Neurological Diseases”.

Master of Folk Medicine. Master of Bioenergy Therapy.

Honorary member of the international organisation “Naturopaths Without Borders”. He received honorary membership and was awarded the medal “The Outstanding Naturopath of Europe” in 2014.


The author of the unique multi-purpose body regeneration method of human organ regeneration, biological body rejuvenation, integrated healing of chronic “incurable” diseases and aging with the help of regenerative medicine techniques.

Part 2. Previously unknown causes and factors leading to cancer.

The epidemic problem of the XXI century, if you can call it so rapid increase in cancer cases, arose not so long ago. In the most populous China, previously the cancer was considered as a treatable illness. What led to such a huge change?

Everyone can tell that the answer to this question is known- global problems of ecology, water and air pollution, harmful substances in foods, stress, abnormal lifestyle and decreased immunity. This is precisely what, in fact, has negative impact on human health. All the time we were worried as in large part just these factors have a negative impact on the human body and they are the main causes of many diseases. And all this just in order not to consider other options and not to look for the truth.

Many scientists, doctors, including myself, believe that harmful viruses, bacteria, parasites, toxins pollution of the body can seriously damage and contribute to the formation of tumours in the body. There are plenty of reasons for favouring tumour formation. In addition to the above factors we can mention following causes of physical damage that appear in the body:

• metabolic disorders,

• hormonal disorders,

• disorders of the immune system and the lymphatic system,

• imbalance of energy,

• continuous inflammatory processes,

• toxins pollution of the body,

• back problems,

• problems with the digestive system and bioavailability of micronutrients,

• or a genetic fault,

• overeating and a sedentary lifestyle,

• various restrictions on the nutrition and diets

• some diseases of the nervous system,

• stress and anxiety,

• incorrect use of drugs, hormones, antidepressants, dietary supplements and their side effects,

• smoking, drugs, alcohol as well as toxic substances or poisons,

• incorrect use of medicinal plants and natural methods.

Dysbacteriosis is one of the most common diseases that can cause cancer of the digestive organs. A lot of people does not pay attention to it for a long time, unfortunately, and does not deal with its treatment.

However it turns out that these reasons are still not important the most. All the factors mentioned previously have negative contribution to destruction of human health and cause a lot of damage, but you can easily fight with them. Meanwhile, there is a list of mysterious reasons existing previously but they were not been mentioned at all or everyone just pretended they do not exist.

To understand the meaning of these causes you have to perfectly know the basic of medicine of our ancestors. Just the medicine which saved people’s lives despite the lack of civilisation goods, universal access to information, illiteracy. And humanity has survived despite of numerous epidemics, low level of hygiene and very poor living conditions.

There are many factors that lead to cancer. In 67% of cases the cause of cancer is the physical effects on the body exerted by harmful viruses, bacteria, infections with fungus and parasites. Personally, I agree with that. This category of factors, in theory, is relatively easy to eliminate. In further 11% of cases it is the environment and food. The next 11% of cases - the negative influence of other people on the sick person. In the last 11% of cases - the lack of the will to live and treat from the side of the patient.

If you look at all the environmental factors influencing on the man, you will realise that air and water pollution or harmful substances in food products do not have so huge negative impact on the human body such as the magnetic field of the earth, telecommunications network, computers, telephones, televisions and thousands of other electronic devices which like invisible cobweb wrapped around the whole earth; they have an aggressive impact on the entire body, and they are equally dangerous for people like poison.

And what about the issues of karma, destiny and higher powers, their impact for a man?

I often mention in my works the impact of higher forces and it often makes people crazy. Any person, believer or atheist, has an opinion on the subject. I believe that faith, goodness and good deeds in every religion, and beyond as well, always benefit, and evil will always be punished. This is the law of nature and it does not matter whether you believe in God, Allah, Buddha or do not believe at all.

There is a statement that a person can heal itself in so far as God allows him! Only partially agree with that. I believe that this is not entirely true, because there is also a saying: “He wants to go to heaven, but his sins do not allow.” Many people mistakenly think that we are judged for deeds after death. From generation to generation, it was known that the man is to be responsible for the sins of his lifetime. And you will have to pay not only for your own sins but for the sins of the ancestors. For all the gilts will be punished also descendants of the next seven generations. Few people know that in ancient times even marrying a member of a family where people made evil deeds, meant the conviction of a child and the whole next generation to suffer. What has changed since then? Do people do more good? Do we all wish only good and help each other? Hatred, anger, greed, steeped in the souls of men, and with good deeds no way. With the continuous wars, violence, conflicts, lies, it is common to think that the world is headed not by God but by the devil. Faith in God for most people is lying to himself, empty words. Important are not empty words about faith in God, but what has a man in his soul, whom he serves- whether it is God or the devil, whether man does good or evil. I noticed this relationship: the effectiveness of body regeneration is much higher if the man really lives according to the laws of nature, helping others regardless of faith. For this reason, may not be equally effective treatment for all the sick people. According to the medieval precepts a man can be cured of cancer or other disease not as much as he wants himself or his doctor, and to the extent that would allow him to God and the devil, taking into account deeds and actions of his relatives and ancestors. I believe that in the treatment of severe incurable diseases such as cancer, many of you have met with such a phenomenon as mindless stubbornness and unwillingness sick person to make use of truly effective treatments that clearly could help. Personally, I also often met people like that, who could easily overcome his severe illness. However, the same person or the sick or their relatives in a targeted manner, supposedly helping, led directly to the patient’s death.

Many people approached irresponsibly for their actions. I had a case when to the Academy should have come a young boy with cancer in the last stage, but he died the night before departure, and within a year in his family died 10 people. This is not the case. I assume that this is the result of actions of his mother, who worked in a hospital and it is possible that instead of treatment and help those sick cause any additional problems and did evil deeds. Sometimes people turn to me with diagnosed disease as a breast cancer outside breast, the cancer which can not be located, detected without performing a biopsy. It is not only wrong diagnosis, but for many people it sounds like a death sentence. It is a real crime. It is a mortal sin for which doctors later will have to be punished. There is the word “murder”. there is the expression “the assassination”. There is the term ‘manslaughter’. All of these terms may be used to describe the actions of doctors who are taking improper, the deadly diagnosis and intimidate their patients and their families. Terrible is the fact that the number of patients with poorly diagnosed cancer, according to my estimates, is 50%. Please carefully consider! Poorly diagnosed disease in modern medicine is a normal phenomenon that can be used by any medical establishment and the pharmaceutical company to their advantage in the form of additional revenue from additional testing and medical ineffective but long-term treatment of the patient. Mortality rate among the total number of people treated patients with a diagnosis of cancer exceeds 95%. For example, imagine that 50% of patients had poorly diagnosed disease. As a result of the treatment only a single person will survive! Don’t you think that in the modern treatment of cancer using inefficient methods they put on patients flow and it seams to be like intentional unpunished annihilation of people? What do you think, what resembles the situation in which die within a year a dozen people among relatives and family members of doctors? Does not it remind you of this irreversible punishment for killing innocent people? Statistics of doctors’ life expectancy show that the doctor lives 10% less than the average life expectancy of the entire population in the country. Do not comfort yourself with the fact that doctors and members of their families will be punished with death for not proper diagnosis and ineffective treatment. Thousands of lost lives will not be back. This is not court after death, but the court during life is the most just and humane court in the world. I am sure that when a person is, for example, hit by a car fatal, most people think the car driver is guilty. But I think that the driver only led to the effect of the Supreme Court judgment and he will be responsible for an accident depending on the severity of their sins. It happens both in case of cancer patients as well as those who treat them. The only difference is that the sick and the doctors (as opposed to immediate death in a road traffic accident) have the time and opportunity to correct their mistakes. Treatment of cancer and other diseases should be begone from repairing ones mistakes and mistakes of the relatives rather than searching the diagnosis and treatment methods. The first main cause of oncological diseases are SINS. Without errors repairing the higher powers do not allow to find an effective treatment of diseases. People will still meet “charlatans” and will blame themselves for ineffective treatment. Remember that. This is the basis of regeneration.

In many aspects of my work I base on traditional natural medicine which accompanies us for many centuries. In the past before treatment the man was purified spiritually driven from his evil spirits and diseases, he was advised to do good deeds, to act for the benefit of others (hence a notion of charity). Many people believe that helping others is a waste of time. In fact, sometimes it is the only way to atone for sins, because repairing consequences of the past actions becomes impossible. In medieval medicine it was called a healing of the soul, and in the Bible is called the saving of the soul.

Saving the soul is only the first step before treatment every disease! A man, who has not passed the stage of healing the soul, will not be ready to treat his physical body. Many healers, seers, shamans, witches, magicians just deal with that: they remove the evil eye, curse, drive out demons. I am not one of those and do not do anything like that. When people read information on my website that in our Academy of Regenerative Medicine occurs cleansing of body and soul, they think we perform some shamanic rituals. In fact, we do not do any of these things. Long time I was looking for answer to the question of who and how can save a person suffering from a bad charm, curses, sins and the impact of negative energy and evil forces, and how to do it, not to cause harm to a sick person. After a thorough analysis of the issue I came to the conclusion that the answer was always before our eyes, but no one noticed it. No one else but just the person may get rid of their curses, evil spells, drive out evil spirits and repair own mistakes and errors of sinful ancestors. From my side I give only a hint in the form of the subconscious autosuggestion containing an universal text of prayers. Reading them, you do not have to turn to shamans and fairies. I advise you to do as many good deeds and deal with the charity. I am sure that this is the only correct way to purify your soul without intermediaries. There are many people who believe that the evil eye and curses thrown at a sick person are the real cause of cancer. However, there are bad charms and curses, which the sick person consciously or unconsciously directed to other people, wanting to harm them, and which come back as boomerang with even greater force. No need to think of who threw on you a bad spell, but you should think how wrong you wished other people and how much of that will return to you like a boomerang! The principle of karma is: “You collect what you sow.” You need to remember it and to reckon with that.

We considered possible causes and risk factors for cancer. Let’s try to answer the question why effectiveness of many cancers treatment is very small? Because it refers to the causes of the cancer development. If 67% of cancer cases is caused by harmful viruses, bacteria, infections and parasites - and I totally agree with that - without eliminating the causes, the treatment will be a waste of time. I am sure that we all agree with this. And now let’s see how you can fight effectively with this problem. There are many mechanisms of treatment but I think the most important is to eliminate the cause of the reasons! Elimination of infection in a patient is only temporary relief until we liquidate the source of the infection and the source of its spreading are, unfortunately, the closest people: family members, relatives, friends of the sick person. In 90% of cases there are: husband, wife, children, parents, pets, house, furniture … Let’s face it. For example, a large number of children who have not committed any sin, suffer from cancer. What is the cause of development of such a difficult affliction? From childhood baby gets a variety of infections, for example, from the street, the playground, contact with animals, play with the children, it may be a fungus at home, dirty infected teat. Very often, mother, grandmother or nanny takes a pacifier in her mouth and then puts to the baby mouth. They do not realise this way they give baby all harmful bacteria, viruses, infections, located in their body. You can cite thousands of such simple examples. Members of one family are in close contact with each other, use the same objects, communicate to each other their bacteria, viruses, infections. However, no person in the family, sick with cancer, is considered a sick person. These people are amazed when I recommend them preventive treatment and they do not understand why it is needed, they look at me like I was an alien.

Nobody even tries to find the causes of disease, and we need to find the original cause of these diseases. I believe that cancer is a disease of a family, caused by intra-familial spread of infection, the negative impact of external environmental factors and spiritual family problems. No one pays attention to it, and we need to shout about it as loud as possible, all over the world!

Cancer is not hereditary genetic disease, but genetic-infection-parasitic-spiritual disease. Heal all family members at the same time, because only then everyone will be healthy!

I am therefore a supporter of the theory that cancer is actually a set of reasons both spiritual and physical, which require a comprehensive approach to their liquidation. No one can say with certainty, at what point of life and what exactly causes are able to cause tumour growth. And you have to eliminate them absolutely. I am sure that nowhere else in the world is used such a comprehensive approach to the treatment of oncological diseases, which takes place in our institution. Most often people suffering from cancer are recommended to use only one method for the treatment of diseases, aimed at elimination of only one cause of the disease. For example, as we mentioned earlier, there are thousands of supporters of the theory that fungal infections are a major cause of cancer. The statement that all causes of disease development motivated the cancer can be removed only by using baking soda, is totally absurd. We also use baking soda edible, but as one of the 50 treatments. I would note that I had patients, who had destroyed their health before coming to us, they arrived in bad shape that I had to literally resuscitate them. And in some cases, self-healing simple inflammatory processes in the body turned into tumours after taking soda. Everything man does should be very well thought out. Not everything that helps one person, can be just as effective agent for another person. The causes of each are different, and so complicated disease can not be treated with a single method. You have to use at least a comprehensive approach, several dozen methods at the same time. Otherwise, the chances of recovery are nil. For example, we use more than 50 methods in order to act upon the body with each disease. In the case of any disease incurable, which we do in the human body there is a huge amount of cancer cells that interfere with healing, which must be removed from the body. All scientific papers show that only strong immune system, which we additionally strengthen repeatedly, can cope with this task. Therefore, in the treatment of any type of disease, the prevention of any disease and cancer, and for rejuvenation of the body among the 50 used by our methods we use at the same time (not in order) about 30 simple, harmless, powerful and extremely effective methods for anticancer, which allow to eliminate virtually all the reasons for the emergence and development of cancer. I only give you positive results. So now our way of rejuvenation of the body, healing and prevention of incurable diseases and cancer, according to the opinion of the patient, is the most effective and universal method, used in the practice of any type of cancer. The advantage of our method of healing of incurable diseases at the Academy of Regenerative Medicine is that we do not deal with the treatment of cancer as a single disease. We carry out cleansing of the body of the patient, we restore his immunity, breaking down all the possible causes, and reasons of the causes of most diseases, provide the body with everything necessary for its normal functioning. As a result, the body begins to live again, corrects its mistakes destroying cancer and other damage to the body.

Part 3. Modern diagnostics - the opium of mankind!

Consider what it means the word “diagnosis” and for what the diagnosis is needed. The sick person is certain that it makes possible to get the appropriate treatment. In fact, it IS NOT! This is a lie and deceiving oneself. Now I try to prove it.

Legal rules of treating every illness by modern medicine are established in all countries. These rules are fixed. Treatment of any diseases requires diagnosis. For this purpose, the sick person must pass a series of diagnostic procedures and laboratory tests. Wages of doctors and laboratory staff as well as hospital revenues depend on the number of patients admitted for treatment and the number of procedures performed diagnostic and laboratory tests. Any employee of health care system is not interested in a rapid cure of the patient. List of incurable diseases in last years has not decreased, but on the contrary, has increased. Medical examinations are continued for several months. At that time any treatment can not be designated without setting a specific diagnosis, it is prohibited by law. During this period the body becomes weaker and weaker completely, some people even die not having the correct treatment. Those who remain alive break down mentally because of inactivity. Mentally weak man can be killed just by conversation or conjectures about cancer. According to recent study a man can even change his own DNA by the force of his thoughts. Studies have shown that a person can materialise any disease within 6 months, including cancer, and die because of this. Therefore, a patient who has convinced oneself that he is suffering from a cancer, and still comes to doctors in order to confirm such a diagnosis, he will definitely get the cancer. The imaginary illness will materialise itself. Opportunities for the cure will be very little. But if the patient approaches such diagnosis as a runny nose, it will be like that and he will be healthy.

Currently, cancer can be diagnosed in all cases without exception, you can even find scientific and laboratory confirmation for that. Scientifically it is proven that cancer cells exist in the body of every human being in the world without exception, both the sick person and healthy. Therefore, theoretically everyone, even quite healthy person can be sentenced to death - in this case it will be cancer. Therefore people future depends on conscientious of professionals conducting all tests. And what plays the main rule nowadays in the world - honour, conscience or money? Think about whether they do your medical tests in order to determine the proper treatment, or to earn money. Please guess which diagnosis is more convenient for doctors, employees and owners of laboratories. The answer is obvious. Currently, clinics and medical centres of Israel and other developed countries in the pursuit of profit does not specialise in the treatment, but only in placing and confirming diagnosis. The cost of such services starts from EUR 5 000. As a result, ill people get a diagnosis of incurable disease and then they go home without any treatment, condemned to death in agony.

No one wants to argue with the doctors and staff of laboratories. Everybody knows each other. May be you will need to turn to them for help again… Therefore no one goes to the court due to bad diagnosis or treatment of a disease that did not exist, or because of disclosing diagnosis determined without valid reasons and biopsy, basing only on the results of preliminary studies. Biopsies are not being done everyone but anti-tumour drugs, life-threatening, are prescribed to all at once. If you think about it, the designation of cancer treatment without one hundred percent confirmation of the diagnosis may be considered by any court as an attack on human life and health or calculated murder. All the drugs, used in tumour therapy or as part of the course of therapy, have one very important side effect - probability of death. Cancer diagnosis, without serious evidence, gained a wide use among different social classes, both rich and poor. Without trial and investigation, doctors often condemn sick people to death. However, in this case, no one cares. I find it hard to comprehend. If a man is threatened with death, he may apply to the court and the offender will go to jail. Personally, ones I got from joker SMS with threats and the court issued guilty verdict. Why do doctors say with impunity to patients and their family members that they are sick with cancer? After all, the patient gets a real death sentence. This way he is being bullied with death! Why do patients get test results and medical opinions? Is it a form of intimidation or a new form of treatment? Previously, it was absolutely forbidden. Who allowed to do it now and why? Is everything being done for good life of a sick people or in order to kill them?

In my opinion informing ill person and family about diagnosis of incurable or deadly disease is just a crime, like killing a man, and should be punished by the court. Getting to know about deadly diagnosis is like receiving a death sentence with suspension. After such news man falls to depression. Curing such a person becomes nearly impossible because you have to treat both body and soul, and the soul has been killed along with receiving crushing diagnosis. A man without a soul is just an empty doll. For what reason is it done? The answer is simple. FEAR OF DEATH IS THE SPIRIT OF DEATH! In the place of slain man’s soul appears the spirit of death. After letting it to our interior it is very hard to get rid of it! This is the doctrine of evil that is fully used in modern medicine. After intimidation and suppression of the man’s will you can do with him whatever you want, but the cure is no longer possible. It is an endless source for those who sit at the trough called medicine. Previously, since I can remember, in medicine there was a ban on access to information about diseases. They were being coded in every possible way, or were not available for the benefit of patients. Now everything is permitted with impunity. Every sick person has in his hands all the test results and medical opinions. In India, providing information about the sex of the future child is punishable, and providing information to the patient about his disease is now officially allowed under the pressure of the so-called European medicine. Otherwise, doctors would not have patients. Everyone would cure oneself using natural medicine. Since they started intimidating by fatal diagnoses, people have begun to buy drugs. Global sales of not only drugs, but also various supplements using methods of intimidation, is the value of hundreds millions of dollars a year.

When you see normal people who go on „a feed” diet, it is both funny and sad. People penetrate their head that there is no longer a good, healthy and natural products. But I do not agree with that. For example, among the useful natural products I can mention eggs which contain absolutely all the ingredients necessary for the body, and milk or natural sour milk, natural honey, bread, bacon. These articles are the basis of our healthy life, eating them you will not need any supplements or medication.

We talk a lot about modern doctors, however, you need to say a few words also about the various healers, fairies or seers. Crowds of people go to them in order to know past, present and future, to learn all about their disease. Using evil ability, they forecast the future, determine alleged cause of disease and thus, like doctors, they often become murderers.

Please note that wishing to learn the truth about diagnosis, past or future, you can be sentenced to death! And then what to do? No diagnosis reveals the cause of disease or how to overcome it. Please tell me why you want to know your diagnosis. Sometimes getting to know the diagnosis is tantamount to taking a step in the direction of suicide! Are you ready to commit suicide? The ancient healers of all nations in the world thought disease (diagnosis) is a SPIRIT of DISEASE, which must expelled from the body, and you invite „him“ by yourselves, with your own hands. This is a deadly paradox. Without information about the diagnosis, you will live, and your body will fight, believing in yourself and your own strength. While with deadly diagnosis, without faith and hope, you are like zombie, living corpse!

Cancer is a strange disease. It is either diagnosed by doctors or created by sick people and their surroundings. Someone thinks that the patient has cancer or has a predisposition to cancer. Cancer is not a disease of the body, but the disease of the soul. People are terrified, hearing one word “cancer.” Women began to remove her beautiful healthy breast in order not to ill in the future with breast cancer. It is just absurd paranoia!

You can not even imagine, how easily you can now treat more than half of patients diagnosed with cancer, the diagnosis is wrong, that in fact exists only on paper and in the mind of the sick person. Very often I have to deal with wrongly diagnosed which can be easily cured like a runny nose. For example, one of my patient has been diagnosed with the initial “breast cancer beyond the breast“, with enlarged lymph nodes only. The woman was cured in our centre within three days. Think about it, after all, the same diagnosis is absurd: “breast cancer beyond the breast“. Swollen lymph nodes may be a symptom of simple inflammation as a result of hypothermia. However, the woman gets a terrible diagnosis, which is not justified, and is determined a course of chemotherapy. Many of my patients received diagnosis “breast cancer”, but in fact it was mastopathy- a disease that often appeared previously and women lived happily without surgery and chemotherapy, making only periodic checkups. Nowadays, with no particular evidence, a sick person is determined surgery, chemotherapy, or all together as soon as possible.

There is no need to treat the main cause of breast cancer, simply do not wear a bra, because it oppresses the body and blood vessels, interferes with the functioning of the lymphatic system and slows down the life cycle of cells that either die or are transformed into cancer cells; bra weakens the immune system, which is the only protective system of the body, the system is able to fight against cancer cells; the bra promotes formation of different kind of infections that impunity destroy breast cells and adjacent organs. Originally, inflammation and later cancer develop not only in the breast but in its surroundings. Therefore, in case of breast cancer, metastasises to other parts of the body are highly probable. Breast cancer is often accompanied by enlarged lymph nodes and metastases. Bra can cause hormonal disorders, chronic infection in the breast and serious problems with urogenital system of girls and women. When it is said that beauty requires sacrifice, it fully reflects killing feature of women’s underwear.

Not so long ago some patients turned to me with diagnosed cancer, which could not be located. It is complete scandal with regards to the competence of doctors. They mentioned symptoms of cancer but the cancer was not found. In spite of that diagnosis was cancer and the person was prepared to chemotherapy.

Diagnosing prostate cancer, many experts draws attention to the presence of only one main symptom - enlargement of the prostate, which is in fact very often increasing or decreasing and this is inflammation due to infection, but it is not cancer.

Treatment of many symptoms of prostate cancer and uterus cancer is considered incurable in those countries where are not performed effective massages of the prostate and uterus. In some countries doctors are taught to do such massages and they are officially allowed, while in other countries doctors and patients do not even heard about this kind of treatment. Who benefits of that? Chronic inflammation of prostate has grown into an incurable disease and no one heals it, instead of that it is diagnosed as prostate cancer. The same situation refers to diagnosis of lung cancer. In the past, during making fluorography of the patient, some spots in photos were noticed as a result of many diseases, including pneumonia, bronchitis and flu. In order to eliminate them patient underwent treatment with antibiotics or home remedies, and then all the spots completely disappeared. No one would not come to mind it might be cancer. And now even the smallest speck in the picture means cancer, every pimple, mole, wart, inflammation is a cancer. I appeal to those who irresponsibly pose a fatal diagnosis. Do you know the concept of honour and conscience? How will you be able to sleep peacefully and to go on living after such mistakes that led to the death of your patients? Don’t you dream nightmares? Don’t souls of innocent dead people come to you at night?

In practice, almost all of doctors became clairvoyants. All patients, who have signs of tumour or incurable disease, are diagnosed with cancer and determined how long they will survive. Do doctors consider themselves to be God? Why do they program the sick people, in particular their date of death and deprive ill man a chance to fight for own life? Anyone can have an opinion. That is why I personally consider such actions of doctors a crime.

The whole European natural medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, Indian folk medicine (ajurwerda) had various methods of diagnosing diseases, but they were not used in order to intimidate a sick person to death, but to select the appropriate treatment. Their patients did not have to wait for the results of tests up to 6 months. If they asked for help, they always received recommendations immediately. The specialists of our Academy of Regenerative Medicine never make mistakes in diagnosis, because they do not keep separate treatment compatible with the diagnosis, they do not heal only what hurts, but they fight with the causes of disease. I especially like ajurwerda i.e. “knowledge of life”, “the science of life”, the traditional system of Indian medicine, in which - as in my comprehensive method - disease is not cured, but the soul and body is healed the same way practically in every case. People think they suffer from various diseases, while in fact each disease means damage of all organs and body systems, for each related diseases are their causes, the only difference is the degree of symptoms and damages. In case of one organ damage, in all organs and body systems occur problems. There is no single, separate disease. The patient is the entire body. Why does everyone try to replace only one part of the car, while it is used in a whole? You need a major overhaul, or the car will quite shunt. Does my example with the car is understandable? Do you think that in case of people it happens differently?

I advise you to ask for help specialists who will not send you to the harmful tests, who (without criminal broadcasting information about your diagnosis) will help to remove the causes of your disease using natural and harmless methods.

Part 4. Methods of cancer treatment

The cost of treatment in our centre, in case of oncological diseases, is quite high. However, there are ways that one can use by oneself a home, for prophylactic purpose as well. I would like to take a look at some of methods of cancer treatment and share my opinion about the effectiveness of their use. My thoughts about desirability of the use of any other cancer treatments will be just for information and not for guidance, there are not to compete with their creators. I only express my opinion and sincerely want to help people.

I do not try to rivel with other doctors. Most of my patients lost hope for a cure of their disease because modern medicine refused to help them. Ordinary people, doctors, politicians and oligarchs, owners of pharmaceutical companies also want to be healthy and live long. However, currently there is no alternative to natural medicine we use in our Academy of Regenerative Medicine. You should not see all as a competition. You have to try to understand all the existing methods of cancer treatment, to determine their advantages and disadvantages; only then saving yourself and your family will be possible.

When you ask ill people about methods they applied in the process of self-treat cancer, you can be surprised how creative they are and their advisers. Let’s consider some of the methods. In complementary (modern) medicine and natural medicine cancer is treated mainly by poison. However, the poison can be used for medicinal purposes only in small doses which depend on the patient weight, his immune status and many other additional factors. Who can take responsibility for the fact that recommended dose of poison will not be fatal for the patient? No one! The main postulate of medicine is to do no harm! I think this demand has been unfairly forgotten, just as the entire natural medicine.

Chemotherapy is a child of homeopathy. However, in homeopathy we use micro doses of poisons in order to stimulate the body to attack the cancerous cells, while in chemotherapy doses are elevated, I would even say that they are lethal and act deadly on both cancer cells and healthy, as well as destructive to the immune system. If we read instruction use of drugs for chemotherapy, we find that only suicide may voluntarily decide to use them. The positive effects on the body of sick person is smaller than the negative in this case.

I think that chemotherapy is the most harmful way for humans. The proportion of patients who experienced it, even among very healthy people but poorly diagnosed, is very low! Using poison causes poisoning plenty of cells in the body. The most terrible is that the immune cells die too and only they can combat tumour cells. Sometimes the body is able to regenerate itself even after poisoning and can repair the damage, but it does not happen always. In case of self-healing organism will mobilise all forces and will increase the lymph nodes throughout all the body as an immune response and to restore functions of poisoned parts of the body. This rescue work of the body will be recognised by doctors as metastases in the body. The patient will be assigned for the next course of chemotherapy with even more poison.

According to my point of view the use of poisons promote destruction of a large number of cells of the nervous system and the person may only receive temporary painkillers and relief. Poison does not remove the cause of disease, but just the opposite- it worsens condition of the sick person who has little chance of body renewal. But this is only my conclusion. I think doctors and pharmacists understand harmfulness of the use of poisons and consciously go to the deliberate destruction of people using chemotherapy. It is a sin and they will have to be responsible for it. No one can escape responsibility. This is important to remember it always.

In addition, for my treatment I do not take people after chemotherapy, radiation or those who used poisons of plant or animal origin, those who were administered intravenously vitamin C. I think these methods are suicidal and it does not make sense to treat suicides. I can not be responsible for self poisoning actions and decisions taken by patients. I do not want to destroy my reputation. Although, in many cases, theoretically it is possible to provide help to a sick person by using my method, but reputation is important. Poison is poison and nothing can be done.

Sick people, before putting deadly diagnosis, consciously and categorically do not accept using poisons, chemotherapy or radiation as a method of their treatment. But as soon as they learn they have cancer, their behaviour is quite differently. Like rabbits frozen in fear of snake, they agree unconditionally to self poisoning. In addition these treatments in most countries are financed by the state, hence in their subconscious appears the concept of “charity”, that is free medical treatment, although it happens with the poison. Even wealthy people prefer to poison their body for free, than to choose treatment using natural harmless methods but payable. People do not come to their senses as doctors advise them chemotherapy even in the early stages of disease, when tumour is very slow, and after that there is no turning back!

It appears feeling that all patients, for some reason, want to poison themselves. Relatives of patients are simply mad at the point of application of chemotherapy and natural poisonous plants. You can understand them of course. They want to receive heritage as soon as possible. The sooner a wealthy relative is poison, because of apparent cancer treatment, the sooner his family will be rich. Nobody even takes any investigation and checks circumstances of death, because the death occurred as a result of poisoning of the body during chemotherapy or the use of natural venoms plant for medicinal purposes. In my opinion, a large number of supposedly harmless methods is very harmful to health. If after application of poisons sick person is still alive, then such a person is advised to use other equally harmful methods: diet, taking baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, enema with coffee use and other supplements, intravenously administered vitamin C, creating artificial wounds on feet and making wraps with different kind of plants. These methods are interesting and well described, but in reality they only divert attention of the immune system from the real problems in the body. Their use can not eliminate all the causes of disease, and sometimes it becomes the reason of the health deterioration.

Surgical method also has gained widespread use in the cancer treatment. Surgical intervention is sufficient to remove damaged cells and to treat patient in case of nonmalignant tumours and cancer with its early stage. In the past I recommended sometimes this simplest and effective method of the treatment. But recently business won with common sense. The cost of operation to remove the tumour is lower than chemotherapy, hence now prescription of chemotherapy before and after surgery has become almost compulsory part of the treatment of oncological diseases. Such combination chemotherapy-surgery-chemotherapy causes irreparable harm to the human body. Operation does not remove the cause of disease but increases the chance of recurrence of the tumour and chemotherapy does not give chance of survival. The method of radiation is not very effective and can lead to very dangerous effects.

Hormone therapy has not proven to be an effective method of cancer treatment.

The effectiveness of vaccines against cervical cancer is not documented yet, nevertheless they are widely used in some countries.

Cryotherapy i.e. treatment with low temperatures is considered to be potentially the most effective modern method of the therapy. It is used to treat various types of cancer. Russian Porfirij Ivanov was one of the first man promoting cryotherapy as a treatment for cancer. In summer and winter he wore just underwear and were not sick. Along with many others he recovered from cancer using cold.

Biostimulation is the treatment of cancer through energetic impacts on organs and acupuncture points. It is the impact of bioenergy throughout the body in order to heal. The effectiveness of treatment depends on the unique skills of bioenergy therapist, his specific energy. In addition bioenergy therapists have special ability to use their own willpower to change their flow of bio-energy and focus it to the patient, thus they actively exert a positive energetic impact. Doing so, DNA of tumour is changing and tumour cells are gradually converted to normal cells. In the world there are a lot of bioenergy therapists and people who call themselves so, but the thing is how many of them have such real skills.

Heating tumour leads to tumour cell death. This method of treatment is not highly effective. In the ancient Rome there was original method of healing. It consisted in that the sick person spent a long time in a bathtub filled with hot water.

Myko-therapy (otherwise fungo-therapy) is the treatment with mushrooms such as: agaricus (Brazilian champignon), shiitake, stinkhorn, reishi, maitake, lycoperdon. Mushrooms have strong anti-cancer effect combining properties that have influence on cancer by anti-cancer immune surveillance and directly block the vascular system of the tumour.

Apitherapy is a branch of alternative medicine that uses bees and bee products. The effectiveness of this method can by confirmed by statistics showing that beekeepers do not suffer from cancer.

Phytotherapy is a treatment with medicinal herbs. In the treatment of cancer can be helpful such herbs as: aloe (stomach cancer), bistort (stomach, intestines), potato (flowers), European wild ginger, burdock (stomach cancer), plantain (leukaemia, stomach cancer, colon and lung), wormwood ordinary (all types of cancer), garlic (pharynx, oesophagus), celandine (one of the most effective herbs against cancer of any kind), inula helenium (cancer of the liver, pancreas and lung), yarrow, wild rose (all types of cancer), valerian (all types of cancer), common cocklebur (all types of cancer, especially cancer of the throat), marjoram (all types of cancer), chestnut (leukaemia).

The utopian theory of cancer treatment refers to the use of juices. I do not think it can be effective treatment of oncological diseases. Juices are always healthy for the body but not enough for its normal functioning. Consuming only juices you will not live long, the time can show who will die earlier - a man or cancer.

Each of treatment individually can cure cancer, but not in every case. To increase the effectiveness of treatment there are often used two, three or more methods together i.e. combined treatment.

You may further mention various cancer treatments that can help in some cases, and in some just kill. All depends on whether the sick person correctly identified the cause of the disease and if a method of treatment is selected properly. There are plenty of other methods, which are used on a massive scale: the treatment of cancer by inonotus oblicus or celandine, medicinal leeches, bloodletting (phlebotomy), pricking, treatment using toadstools, Japanese or Chinese mushrooms, saunas, hot baths, acupressure, acupuncture, various massages, treatment with iodine, oil plus vodka (Shichko method), using gasoline, kerosene, narcotics, prayers, incantations, miracle icons, visiting sacred sources or places, places of power … You can not omit regular visits to the fairies, seers, leading to the removal of the endless charms, curses, negative thoughts.

It is said that cancer is not cured. However, examples of healing as well as treatments methods are a lot. Patients often test on ourselves in a short time, like experimental rabbits, using all above mentioned methods, the use of which no experimental rat certainly would not have survived.

People with cancer first poison themselves, and then try to clean up the body using unsafe methods that are ineffective as their immune system was killed by poisons. Huge number of patients come to me with only one request - to help in cleansing the body after chemotherapy. I refuse treatment to patients who used poisons and chemotherapy because my goal is regeneration of the body and not reanimation or magic to recover life after intoxication. Venom penetrating into the body, is not sitting there idle and waiting for removing. It penetrates the cells quickly and kills them. Purification of the body of poisons involves the removal of huge amount of dead cells, and sometimes the whole organ. The venom is not a toy. The scale of damage due to poisoning of the body depends on the dose of poison, whether the dose was lethal in individual cells and organs, or it poisoned all what was alive inside the body.

We can not help everyone in need. In most cases, I am compelled to refuse help because of too severe condition of the sick person due to lack of treatment or improper treatment of mindless self-medicate. I am sure that nowadays there is no other anti tumour remedy except our method comprehensively healing from incurable diseases and cancer, being at the same time harmless, effective and universal. We use simultaneously a large number (over 50) only harmless natural regenerative methods of treatment and we obtain excellent results. Who forbids you to turn to mother nature and find your safe way? I encourage all healthy-minded individuals to think about the consequences before making decision about poisoning own body or using useless methods, more often harmful to the whole body.

Part 5. Problems in the treatment of cancer and recommendations.

Based on the knowledge already known from antiquity the treatment of any disease should be performed only comprehensively, a man can be cured by himself ONLY, he should heal on his own. About 2,500 years ago, Socrates said: “You can not treat the eye, not including a head. You can not treat the head, not taking into account the whole organism. So you can not regenerate the body without curing the soul“. These golden words are based on medical knowledge originated thousands of years ago. What do we get along with the progress of civilisation? Comprehensive treatment of the whole body has been entirely replaced by the treatment of each organ separately. The whole ancient effective theory and practice have landed outside the law. Chemicals have replaced the natural resources of vegetable origin. Money are in the first place now and the sick man is used as a source of profit. All people and doctors have become hostages of the system and lost faith in modern medicine, so they can not help neither themselves nor family, nor anyone else.

Treatment of cancer is very difficult and thankless task. In most cases people after cancer diagnosis at the beginning do nothing or poison themselves in silence applying everything what found on the Internet, they come to me for help when it is too late for the rescue. Many sick people, coming to our centre for treatment, think I am a magician and within a week I can cancel the death sentence, cure cancer, cleanse the body and eliminate all the causes of the disease, including intellectual problems regardless of their sins. Our method, like any other, is powerless in the fight against cancer, if a person received information that the disease is fatal and only few months for living left. If the sick person believed in it and accepted, she/he will die on the date determined by doctors, regardless of the results and effectiveness of the treatment. It is difficult to look at suffering people, whom you want to help, but their soul is already dead. Therefore reluctantly I undertake to cure people with deadly diagnosis, including cancer. I do not take everyone for treatment to our Academy of Regenerative Medicine.

Comprehensive treatment of diseases in developed countries does not exists neither in theory nor in practice. Everyone involved in the promotion and treatment of the cancer using only one method, chemical drugs, herbs, healing, casting out, liquidation of diseases, is mainly engaged in idle talk! Cancer is a complex disease caused by a lot of different factors that must be compulsorily liquidated. Man can save, cure, heal and cleanse by himself only, and the others are only helpers on his way. But in fact, it often happens that the “helpers” think of themselves as “gods” or their servants and cheat sick people, claiming that either chemotherapy or their own actions can help, and everything else just hurts. Man is gullible and sometimes makes the wrong decision that costs him his life. You have to work a lot on themselves and use not one, as is usually done, but a lot of methods simultaneously. Everyone tries to apply anything and immediately begins to use different method not waiting for the results. Do not do like that in any case. Effective cancer treatment usually lasts several years, and the most wants to get results in just few days.

The use of medicinal plants - the absolute basics of treating humans - in developed countries has been reduced to minimum. The authorities in every possible way seek to prohibit and destroy information about their medicinal properties. All who know about this, along with the rest, are equally vulnerable to diseases, and earned money on the suffering of others does not have significance later. Before God we are all equal, and what counts is not the thickness of the wallet, but deeds.

In our Academy of Regenerative Medicine works physician Stanislaw Kucharski (b. January 30, 1932 r., Polish physician and politician, senator of third term) with 50 years of work experiences in the field of medicine. Currently he has 85 years. He is in great shape, represents the old school of physicians. He has many years of experiences and extensive knowledge in the field of ancient and modern medicine. He approaches soberly to the treatment situation in the contemporary world. He did not abandon old and proven treatment methods he had learned in Poland at the time of socialism. We combined his and our knowledge of all sorts of simple, accessible, highly effective and harmless methods of treatment coming from all continents. As a result, our omnidirectional comprehensive method has no equal in the world in terms of treatment efficiency of chronic, incurable, and even genetic diseases. Workers of the Academy of Regenerative Medicine do everything in their power for the good of patients. Mr. Stanislaw recommends simultaneous application of the modern medicine measures and natural treatments. I completely agree with him. He considers, for example, the use of anti-parasitic therapy in the cancer treatment as parasites are one of the main causes of various types of cancer. He also believes that one of the mandatory measures in the prevention of cancer can be drugs created in the past when doctors were involved in the actual treatment instead of being head office, and the patient was not a ball kicked from one office to another in order to give job for medical community. So he recommends, for example, the use of simple means, which is Metronidazole. This is kind of drug that effectively fights with a large number of infections, chronic inflammatory conditions, which sometimes turn into cancer. The use of anti-parasitic agents such as Vermox and Zentel, is recommended not to use depending on the results of testing for the presence of worms, but for the purposes of prevention, because during the entire period of his medical practice he did not meet any effective methods to detect the presence of helminths. Ability to detect them in your body is not more than 5%, and the possibility of cancer because of their life cycle inside humans is very high. The possibility of side effects due to the use of these drugs is minimal, while the positive result is saved life.

In practice, I recommend patients to use medicinal plants, having anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic effects. And my very experienced doctor supplies their treatment with the truly necessary and effective preparations. No need to negate completely the achievements of all medicine branches.

Few people know that activated carbon can effectively be used to treat cancer. And it is the cheapest means of wide effective action on parasites, viruses, bacteria, it has anti-inflammatory properties, it neutralises toxins and poisons. I’m not going to mention all about this. Try to find out more about this remedy and its effectiveness on the internet. Given the potency it is and will be the securest and the strongest product, it is stronger than any antibiotic. Activated carbon can successfully replace 50% of the medicines sold in pharmacies.

No one even suspects that earlier people were more resistant to various diseases, including cancer, and all thanks to the daily use of natural carbon food, which was previously used daily 3 times a day for the entire population in many countries, including Poland. At the same time they did not have any idea about that by consuming this product every day unknowingly doing internal disinfection and detoxification of the body. But now this tasty and healthy product has been removed from circulation. Are you curious what is this mysterious product? This is just ordinary black bread. Crispy edges of black bread are unique, a little-known natural medicine, whose effectiveness is far greater than many medicinal plants and drugs. 100 g of black bread has a similar amount of active substance as in the case of 10 tablets of activated carbon. No one will take 30 tablets of activated carbon per day for preventive purposes. And earlier such amount of active carbon was getting into the human body together with a daily intakes of black bread three times a day. In that cancer incidence was very low.

Proper nutrition, diet in case of cancer - these are the first recommendations after the diagnosis which sick person receives, seeking information on the Internet. It is proposed a lot of options of proper nutrition, which leads me to ask the question: Is there even one proper diet, the use of which would enable an effective fight against cancer? If so then it would disappear need for any other treatments, including my services. All people with cancer would apply only this diet and nothing more. The statement that cancer cells feed on sugar/glucose leads to the fact that many sick people resign from their consumption and believe that this way they receive the chance of recovery. However, it will be only a step to unintentional suicide. All cells in the body are nourished by a glucose, fructose. This is the main energy source of cells. Excluding sugar and products containing sugar from your diet, first you kill your liver cells, because sugar is an essential part of their operation. Without sugar the main laboratory of the body stops working. The immune system stops working. Serious damages occur in the brain because brain cells - neurones, also feed on using glucose. Diet without sweets causes depression. Did you know that? A man diagnosed with cancer is in a state of depression and will never come out of that without normal, wholesome, balanced nutrition.

Wholesome nutrition with balanced content of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and micronutrients is a way to renew the body. And every diet is limiting their supply. This is a simple way to death but not from cancer, just because of the diet. In the Academy of Regenerative Medicine we treat effectively the most severe forms of cancer and we do not use any limitations on nutrition and diet. This confirms that I am right!

Decide for yourself what you want to make - to heal and regenerate your weakened body or to kill it together with cancer. Whether you need diet or you want to eat what you wish and what your body needs and not to listen to advisors like doctors or theorists on the Internet. You have to eat everything that your body demands, your soul and heart suggest. This is my approach to nutrition regardless of the type of disease and in everyday life as well. Artificial supplements, diets, vitamins and hormone drugs slow down your body regeneration process. This is just pure business. In the twenty-first century, people lost the habit of feeding on the natural products. They put into mind that drugs and supplements are the only option for the body to get necessary vitamins and minerals. People eat huge amounts of unnecessary and sometimes harmful supplements. The information with evidence about the benefits of supplements is so convincing that people lose their heads and start mindlessly, like robots, applying them in large quantities. Look in the mirror and you may see the fool who spends a lot of money for the pharmaceutical “feed.” Why is this happening and why completely normal people become victims of scammers? The answer is simple - advertising and hypnosis.

As you noticed, I have my own approach to diet and all sorts of restrictions in nutrition. I think that a person should eat different meals without any restrictions. The psychological impact of other people changes man’s perception of the world. He begins to believe that meat is poison. In the psyche of that man really major changes take place.

People have been hypnotised so much that everyone got crazy about diets. Probably there are no people feeding on just various meals, everything what they ate earlier. Millions of doctors and scientists unsuccessfully seek to develop the most effective diet. I need to upset you. Effective diets have never been and will not be! All existing diets can only improve mood, but do not cure disease. In any case, with diet the body will not be renewed and regenerated because required components are not fully delivered. All diets mean restrictions on the consumption of certain foodstuffs and imposition of specific set of products to long use. This results of a shortage of some ingredients in the human body, and an excess of the others. Something similar occurs in the case of a man who turned ankle and can not walk. He has got crutches and can move with their help. However, the crutches do not support to recover, they only help to walk. The same happens in case of diets, thanks to them you feel only temporary relief, which has nothing to do with regeneration. Various nutrition is very important in the process of treatment as we must supply everything which is necessary to produce cells and to let them function correctly. All overweight people agree with me that everyone, without exception, who tried to lose weight by any diet, then they got fat even more. Nobody got rid of severe illness yet using any diet. An ill person fights his disease worsening own condition when using different diets. Please keep in mind that diet is a limitation of nutrition, which undoubtedly leads to lack of some components and to excess of others in the body. You can not fight disease using diet, you can only alleviate its symptoms. The problem is not the diet but digestive system disorder work and assimilability of the nutrients. Such disturbances can not be repaired using just diet. We found the only way enabling body to get all the necessary ingredients for its renewal at an early stage, when the digestive system works as it should. We went our own revolutionary way: without any diet we provide to the body necessary ingredients, minerals, hormones. We supply deficiencies as follows: all necessary nutrients get into the body through the skin and not through the digestive system. In our method overdose of nutrients is not possible neither theoretically nor practically. Skin absorbs all the essential nutrients in minimum quantity, through the pores, not changing them, and provides directly via blood to the cells. Taking into consideration unique curing results of absolutely incurable diseases, obtained by patients in our centre, I believe that this is the only effective and correct way of treatment.

It is said that salt is a white death. This saying has become the motto of diets creators excluding salt. Sick people as well as health people began to restrict salt. Salt deficiency in the body leads to exhaustion, chronic fatigue, insomnia, loss of appetite, shortage of production of gastric juice, disorders of sight, liver, kidney and the whole organism. When concentration of salt (sodium chloride) in the blood plasma is reduced, water passes from the vascular to the fluid between tissues and blood clots are formed. The lymphatic and immune systems stop functioning normally, overweight appears. The statement that salt need to be reduced in case of overweight, is incorrect, it is an insolent unpunished lie. In fact, salt deficiency in the body is the main cause of incurable diseases and obesity. Without salt the body can not function normally. In my opinion the salt deficiency in the body is often the cause of severe neurological diseases, blood diseases, diseases of bones and joints, and all kind of cancers as well. Many people know that Tibetan monks live long and do not get cancer, because every day they drink tea with salt.

In 2014 American scientists turned to me to test in my Academy a new anti-cancer drug, which in their opinion was the most successful among all the existing drug. They wanted me to apply it for research purposes. I insisted to unveiled the secret of the drug composition because it is not possible to use substances not knowing what it is and what negative impact can have on the human body. I just can not poison people. They hesitated, but finally unveiled the secret. It turned out they changed significantly the composition of physiological saline. The simplest example of this type of fluid is 0.9% saline solution, sodium chloride (NaCl). American scientists developing anticancer medicine completed the saline solution with an insignificant additives in order to patent the drug and to increase its prices. They conducted clinical trials and obtained the results that shocked them. The percentage cure cancer by using a salt solution was extremely high. I believed that this drug can be really very effective in the cancer treatment.

The salt is one of the most important components in the body and the strongest antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory remedy. Saline solution is used to treat all kinds of diseases in hospitals and there are no side effects and contraindications. I confirmed them that I know anti-cancer salt properties and I use salt therapy in my comprehensive approach, in practice all the time, in form of a full body scrub with therapeutic mud, salt and biologically active ingredients.

Hence I refused the pharmaceutical company testing the drug in our Academy of Regenerative Medicine, as the drip use with saline solution in our case was unreasonable. I used already effective salt treatment as one of the elements of my comprehensive method. Separation of the drug from a large number of other natural methods used in our centre, and confirming its positive or negative effect on the body was impossible. I refused outright to treat patients only with saline solution, because I’m sure that my comprehensive way of healing of incurable diseases is much more powerful.

Based on the above-mentioned information it can be stated with certainty that salt is not a white death, but a source of health and human life!

It happens often a man can cure by himself from an illness. Maybe he was not sick or he was badly diagnosed. But such man, like a professor, begins to give advice to others, write books about how and what you need to heal, what you can eat and what not. What helps one person can harm another.

Even our super-effective method can not help everyone in the same range.

The treatment of cancer is not easy and a person begins to panic, because when the body fight the cancer, inflammatory processes occur in different parts of the body. Such a man is frightened and recognises an inflammatory and regenerative processes as a failure of treatment. The process of inflammation is an integral sign of the renewal process. This is precisely what should save sick man, but fear is stronger than common sense. As a result, the patient gives up the treatment and in a panic begins to look for other ways of help, trying on a new experiments, stopping inflammatory processes and regeneration in his body. Sick people often resign from the use of effective methods of treatment just because at certain stages of treatment they can feel pain and deterioration of health. Pain, redness, swelling, bruising, CHANGES OF CONCENTRATION OF HORMONES, BLOOD COMPOSITION, TEMPERATURE, PULSE and blood pressure are signs of REGENERATION necessary for body regeneration. PAIN is one of the main elements of the immune system of the body. Now think what you are doing. You go to the clinic and, with accordance to the doctor recommendations, you stop your pain, temperature and many other saving processes, those factors which should help you. This way you stop all the processes of regeneration and self-renewal of the body, exposing your vulnerability and gaining chronic incurable disease, you kill yourselves with your own hands. The most effective cancer treatments are aimed not to improve the well-being of sick person, but to lead continuous battle with the disease. A war can not go without the pain and discomfort!

Proponents of the use of poison, chemotherapy and other methods of killing cancer cells argue that in the long-term illness all cancer cells change their shape and begin uncontrolled growth -dividing into exactly the same cancer cells. It is no longer possible to change them and they can not be expelled from the body. However recently, Canadian scientists proved what each of us has done successfully since a long time - the force of thought can change genetic code of the organism. If a person thinks he will be sick, then he rewrites by himself the code of DNA cells of the organ, which supposedly is to be affected by cancer. Finally a tumour is created just there, and man suffers from cancer. And conversely, if a person believes in the effectiveness of the treatment, he wants to get well, then he will change his DNA code and certainly recover. Our thoughts can materialise. Remember this! There are people able to influence on others and change their DNA in that or other way. Scientists confirmed once again what for me was obvious. Psychiatric disorders, fear, stress, bad charms, curses are precisely those processes that lead to pathological changes in the DNA of cells. While a gentleness, faith, hope, love, willpower, positive self-suggestion easily change the DNA of every cell of the human body in a positive way.

in the Academy of Regenerative Medicine we attach particular importance to the body purification and first of all liver cleansing. Without multiple multi-level liver cleansing, a sick person has little chance to overcome any disease. It is my opinion confirmed in practice repeatedly. You have the right to hear and believe the information about harmfulness and danger of the liver cleansing, which is a lot on the Internet. In our centre patients have purified liver using our safe and effective method once a week or twice a month.

In every country people pay health insurance contributions and hope to get help if needed. However, the aid for patients suffering from cancer is negligible. I often hear the question: how and why do you need to study medicine for 10 years not knowing yet after 6 years what doctor you will be, not having specialisation? And after 10 years of study the doctor finds that in his program was no subject of natural, harmless methods of treatment, and about determining the causes of disease, like it was in ancient times. Hence he has not learned to determine the causes and methods of influence on disease cause. Unfortunately, at the present time, these issues are not taught at all, thus we loose irretrievably the achievements of previous millennia and methods of treatments. The role of present doctors, being proud of their diplomas, has been reduced to the role of headquarter, sending a person for checking needed only for the doctor, as well as to prescribe more harmful than beneficial drugs from the list approved by the Ministry of Health. Diagnostics takes me, or others acquainted with the anatomy, not more than 5 minutes, along with understanding of causes and effects. Many people often ask the question: why to teach for 10 years sellers of pharmaceutical drugs that are useless and have an adverse effect on the human body. There are a lot of questions related to the need to carry out a huge amount of diagnostic procedures, to determine the correct diagnosis, with the final medical opinion about established wrong diagnosis. I think that we can not get the answers. Wrong diagnoses are determined on a massive scale and nonexistent diseases are treated. And how many people go to doctors for many years and can not get an accurate diagnosis? And of course, such people are not treated at all or treated with mismatched drugs poisoning their body.

Many doctors and healers spoil reputation of the whole medicine, both conventional and alternative, due to lack of knowledge about treating the body. They are the reason of slanders and calling them charlatans. They vilify all, also those who actually help people. They kill faith in an effective and natural method of self-healing organism.

People who try to cure patients using natural methods are being persecuted as dangerous criminals so that nobody has any doubt that diseases are incurable, to hide information that they can be cured without the use of drugs and doctors service.

I always try to help every patient through both action and good advice. But you can not forget that during treatment, on a sick person affects not only one who heals, but also surroundings, God along with his assistants and the satanic power as well. A person who heals, does not know which higher powers are called by sick man for help and what effects of their actions will be. In the process of treatment sometimes everything goes like clockwork, and then the patient completely changes internally, as if he would be a different person, he becomes insane. People close to the patient often say they do not recognise him, and that Satan entered into him. Sick people frequently contact with a large number of advisers, trying to get sympathy from them and more information about their disease. However, the advice received from friends can cause even bigger damage to the ill man, destroying him mentally. And the process of getting rid of psychological trauma is the most difficult stage of treatment. Sick men are looking for the similar people to interact with them, forming support groups in social media. However, communication in such groups is not to give support but quick way to the coffin. Within the groups there are also families and friends of dead people and dying people. Sick people receive from them settings and programs aimed to death, and it causes even greater depression. Then the cure of such people is simply impossible. I would advise you not to join any support groups associated with the disease. You will not get there a lot of good advice but you will be damaged irreparable. I advise you not to communicate with other sick people, even those who have been healed. Stress, caused by imagination that your treatment is not so effective as in the case of cured a man, can even kill you. Curiosity and increased communication in case of cancer are synonymous with deadly poison, which has no antidote. The best, even fantastic results of treatment at our centre, have been achieved by those patients who were not able to communicate with people having similar diseases. They did not have anyone to get advice or to compare. They came to the treatments quietly and fulfilled all our recommendations.

In the treatment of diseases you should also pay attention to small details such as tattoos on the body. Many people make tattoos with figures of demons, devils, horrible forms, thereby paving a clear path to own soul for satanic forces, allowing them to control body and drawing unlimited energy. At first glance, harmless tattoos have become the cause of ailments and lead to irreversible consequences. i do not take such people for treatment to my centre. I believe that treatment of patients with such tattoos is a waste of time. Negative tattoo becomes a cause of disease or strengthens it.

There is another important problem in the treatment of malignant tumours. Man getting sick receives a diagnosis which can no longer say goodbye. He cures his disease throughout his life, even in case when he got rid of it long time ago. For example, the patient had operation and the cancer has been removed completely. However, both he and his doctors, still continue cancer treatment to prevent re-formation of the tumour. They use more and more of the methods until they “heal” the patient to his death. The patient all the time is under pressure from the fear that the disease may return, that cancer haunts him and will kill him. From the perspective of a third party, such actions appear to be paranoid or obsession. You have to hold at the right time, to cure and to forget about the disease, to live a normal life like before the disease, otherwise there will be no success.

There is also well known concept of karma. Each healer knows that the treatment of the sick person without changing his date of death is a waste of time. But how to do it? The sick man can be cured of cancer, however, he will die on the appointed day and time for a different reason. I met frequently with this situation until I developed auto-suggestion as mentioned above, the system changing the date of death. This must be done necessarily, otherwise it makes no sense to take up the treatment. I created the method “Self programming your subconscious for rejuvenation, healing of incurable diseases and long happy life“, it is an universal key, by means of which the patient should open the lock of his soul and drive out evil spirits, illnesses from his body and put there goodness, faith, hope and love. My role is only to teach this method, to give weakened body energy, to clean the body and to provide everything necessary for self-renewal. Karma is not a judgment, it is a law of nature, which operates in accordance with our deeds. By changing your actions you change your karma. Every one is able to change quality and length of life on one’s own.

All of our patients ask what measures and herbs should be used after treatment at our centre. In response I ask: why do you want to treat yourself all your life? The uniqueness of our method is that self-healing from cancer is just positive side effect of its use. After our treatments sick people return to normal life without disease, without drugs and without the use of even natural remedies. Nowadays people, like zombies, are programmed on the use of whole handfuls of drugs and supplements and the use of natural medicines. So our recommendation talking about withdrawal of all the measures, causes even more fear in their eyes. How can be that suffering from cancer I don’t need to be cured for ever? Continuous application, even healthy substances, surely will lead to overdose in the body. And this is one of the causes of cancer. To avoid this, simply normally live and eat using a diverse and balanced meals without limitation, diet, medications and supplements.

Cancer likes when you talk about him. Cancer likes when you fear him. Then it is growing and thriving.

If all your life you are afraid to get sick with cancer, you will die because of this. If you successfully fight him, quietly doing everything to overcome the disease, and preferably completely forgetting about it - then you will win. The basis of the body regeneration is the search not for drugs but for the meaning and purpose of life. Every cell of your body should want to heal and live for the designated purpose! Then all your goals will be achieved. All what you dream will come true.

CONCLUSIONSI, Alexander Haretski, certify that all the information provided in this text/ my speech represent s only my point of view and my personal approach to the treatment of cancer and many other diseases. I’m sure some of my conclusions will not go down well. Taking into account my right to free expression of thoughts and freedom of speech, I only express my opinion (my loud thoughts), and I ask for forgiveness if anybody felt offended by these issues. My comments about the problems of modern medicine, negligent performance of duties by doctors and naturopaths may sound like an insult. However, it does not concern all. Among medical workers and healers there are a lot of highly skilled professionals who conscientiously perform their duties, rescuing many people every day. A large number of medical workers conscientiously perform their duties and believe in what they do, because they have been taught so. What and how they were taught - is another matter. Everyone has the right to express his own opinion, whether the others like it or not. Criticism is the mechanism fuelling the progress. I am also often criticised. We should draw appropriate conclusions and try to do everything in our power to change the situation for the better for themselves and for our children. Quoted examples and my recommendations, how effective they may be, they can not be equally good for all people. And in some cases, they can even harm if not properly used. Our method is the most effective and universal method for the treatment of many incurable diseases, however, it can not help everyone equally. Therefore, the correct choice of the most efficient methods and determination of the exact dosage is the most difficult challenge and rebus, which must be solved by the doctor and the sick person. For every doctor who dealt with the treatment of one disease for many years, still remains a mystery- which means and method should be used in the treatment of various diseases, what dose is to be applied at every stage of the disease, how to determine the exact moment when the drug becomes ineffective and you need to replace it, how to do it so not harming the patient. How much professional should be a doctor, and what talent should have to make the right choice and to take appropriate decisions. The answer to these and many other questions remains unknown. And almost everyone with cancer, without any experience or knowledge or practical experience, tries to practice self-treatment of his severe disease. At the same time his brain is paralysed with pain and fear of death. What do you think will be the result of self-medication?

For the physician can not be the same patients. They may be patients diagnosed with the same disease. Their disease has similar symptoms but the causes, the speed of proceedings, the level of infestation of the body are different for each case. You can never predict the outcome of treatment until it comes to the end, like you can not evaluate the quality and taste of the cake until you eat it. Everyone knows that the medicine does not have the concept of “warranty”. Meanwhile, patients and their families often ask me whether I can give a guarantee of cure. Renewal of the human body is not like a car repair. That is why I reply that theoretically in case of one hundred percent possibility of healing appears a “pig” that can spoil everything. For guarantee I direct to God because everyone gets as much as he should, taking into account owns sins and deeds which are known to the sick person only!

Our Academy of Regenerative Medicine is located in Świebodzice. The main purpose of our activity is rejuvenation of people. We are now in possession of not treatment but changes of all organs and the whole body, without the need for surgery and drugs. Our achievements confirm effectiveness and superiority of complex applications, natural way of impact on the body over other currently existing treatments. Citizens of all countries of the world come to our centre. My perception of causes of incurable diseases and cancer, as well as problems regarding effectiveness of existing methods, is based on my experiences in the treatment of patients from Poland and other countries as well. My attitude to problems of cancer treatment is presented in the medical facilities in Poland and also other countries.

It is paradox that the cancer according to modern medicine over the world is considered as an incurable disease, but at the same time in all countries cancer is treated with expensive, absolutely ineffective, dangerous and toxic methods, killing people more often than cancer. And the worst thing is that, in the presence of many effective, environmentally friendly methods of treating cancer, I can not see, in the near or distant future, trends to improve cancer treatments in any field of medicine. Conferences, meetings and decisions taken there will not change the situation. Each person hopes that this calamity will not touch her/him or family members. In fact, a lot of people lives and will live in constant fear because of monster created by society, called CANCER!


The rector and the founder of Academy of Regenerative Medicine, Poland.

The founder of a new direction in REGENERATIVE medicine and in treatment of NEUROLOGICAL DISEASES which is successfully used in practice.

Director of the body regeneration center of the Academy of Regenerative Medicine, Poland.

Professor of department of neurology of the International University of Science in Hannover, Germany

Doctor of naturopathy/ complementary medicine of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies in Hannover, Germany. The theme of his doctoral dissertation was “A New Approach to the Treatment of Neurological Diseases”. Master of Folk Medicine.

Master of Bioenergy Therapy.

Honorary member of the international organisation “Naturopaths Without Borders”. He received honorary membership and was awarded the medal “The Outstanding Naturopath of Europe” in 2014.

He was awarded the F.A. Mesmer medal in 2014.

He received a thank-you letter from Pope Francis for the scientific contribution to medicine.

He was awarded the Hippocrates medal for his contribution to medicine in 2014.


The author of the unique multi-purpose body regeneration method of human organ regeneration, biological body rejuvenation, integrated healing of chronic “incurable” diseases and aging with the help of regenerative medicine techniques.

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