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Sooner or later in life absolutely everyone meets diseases which are called either chronic or incurable. We deal with such severe diseases and from our practical experience we can assert with confidence that it’s impossible to restore any human body to the desired level without the global body cleansing. In fact, contamination of the human body and as its result decrease in immunity lead to the appearance of illnesses - from colds to cancer. Toxins accumulated in the body promote the development of tumors and other severe diseases.

The proposed complete body cleansing program is based on natural cleansing methods and today it is recognized as the most effective and harmless program of complete body cleansing. It helps quickly, properly and optimally to cleanse the body of all harmful elements which were accumulated by the body during its lifetime.

All of the previously used methods of body cleansing were either very gentle, ineffective and unable to provide the required comprehensive body cleansing or too rough and rather dangerous. This method allows to achieve maximum health benefits of a body cleanse without risks to health. This unique natural body cleansing method provides not just a full body detoxification but at the same time it provides body restoration, regeneration of all its damaged parts.

For instance, during the procedure of liver cleansing, kidney cleansing these organs and ducts through which stones come out can be partially damaged. In many cases, a few days after the cleansing some people can feel worse and they are often taken to the hospital with severe inflammation. Some of them even get to the operating table.

Every effective body cleansing method can be treated as a surgery without a scalpel. The non-use of postoperative body regeneration measures can lead to unpredictable consequences. Doctors often meet patients admitted to the hospital after the unsuccessful body cleansing done at home. Therefore they themselves have never done the complete body cleansing. They only discourage other people and scare them with terrible consequences . If you have already made a decision to do the complete body cleansing by yourself you must make only a good thing of it and do no harm to yourself.

The main difference between our body cleansing method and others is that we prepare the body before the cleansing by restoring the immune system and we use the most powerful and effective ways to cleanse the body. As a result, the risk of dangerous inflammation is eliminated. The body has an opportunity to self-repair and eliminate all its disorders.

We use a completely new approach to the body cleansing. Our complete body cleansing method includes:

  • spiritual cleansing according to the original author’s method. It is necessary to cleanse not only the human body, but also human consciousness: emotions, thoughts, feelings in order to achieve maximum health benefits.
  • parasite cleanse (antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anthelmintic therapy). It is proved that 80% of chronic and oncological diseases are caused by the presence of parasites in the body.
  • microflora restoration (struggle against a dysbacteriosis);
  • skin cleansing and skin regeneration. Healthy skin takes upon itself absorption and excretory functions and it allows to simplify the work of other organs.
  • the comprehensive cleanse of every organ;
  • immune system improvement to accelerate the process of body regeneration before and after the body cleansing.

This natural body cleansing method has the following advantages:

It helps to cleanse the intestines, remove poisons, toxins, fecal stones from the body. It helps the body to restore its beneficial intestinal microflora. The process of liver and pancreas cleansing and restoration occurs naturally thereby improving digestion and vitamin absorption. Digestive gland secretion is enhanced. The activity of the central and autonomic nervous systems is improved. Its use helps to restore the nervous regulation of the digestive system. It has an antispasmodic action on the smooth muscle of the gastro-intestinal and biliary tracts. It improves sleep and increases pain threshold.

Natural ingredients used for this body cleansing method have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, choleretic, expectorative, analgesic, antibacterial effect.

The use of this method helps to accelerate toxin excretion through the urinary and respiratory systems, prevents kidney stone formation and helps to excrete them through the urine.

Our method allows to do blood (blood vessels) cleansing, improve blood composition and blood viscosity. It improves the cardiovascular system, normalizes blood pressure and helps to excrete heavy metals from the body.

The use of this method helps the body to absorb calcium efficiently. It is necessary for the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis and cartilage degeneration. It improves joint function, regulates the production of enzymes, reduces blood sugar and cholesterol levels, helps to dissolve cholesterol plaques in blood vessels, prevents the development of diabetes, normalizes metabolism.

Some natural ingredients used for this body cleansing method have antioxidant properties. They neutralize free radicals in the body, block the development of neoplastic processes, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, make them flexible, contribute to rapid cell regeneration and slow down the aging process.

This method helps to reduce weight and improve breathing. Allergy symptoms can be decreased or they can go away completely. The reproductive glands work much better and hormone production is improved. The immune system is restored. Headaches are much reduced. Energy levels in the body are increased. The process of self-restoring and healing incurable and chronic diseases is accelerated. Many people are afraid of doing a body cleanse because cleansing enemas should be used during almost all types of body cleansing.

We offer our unique author’s method of complete body cleansing for such patients. When using this method the body cleansing occurs naturally without the use of cleansing enemas and colonoscopy devices which many people don’t like and they avoid them like the plague.

This method is unique because an easy, gentle, but at the same time powerful and effective cleansing of maximum number of internal organs and skin is performed during a comprehensive cleansing procedure. It takes 4 to 6 hours.This body cleansing includes: stomach and duodenum cleansing, complete intestinal cleanse, light liver cleanse, gallbladder cleanse, pancreas cleanse, skin cleanse and also body cleansing from bacteria, viruses and worms (helminths).

This is the most effective body cleansing method from all available at this moment as we don’t use only the complete body cleansing alone we use this program together with our course of regenerative therapy “ Improvement of immune system”.

This comprehensive complete body cleansing program can be used by everyone without fear or doubt for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.

This is the optimal complete body cleansing program for people of any age who want to keep their bodies in good working condition and live a healthy active longer life without diseases and operations.

When you cleanse your body of harmful compounds, poisons, toxins, allergens, parasites you take not only prophylactic measures, but also protect yourself from many diseases, including cancer!

THE COMPREHENSIVE COMPLETE BODY CLEANSING PROGRAM – XXX is included in all our courses of regenerative therapy.