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The secret of body regeneration used in practice in the Academy is an integtrated impact on the physical body, the subconscious mind and the soul of a sick person.

People usually refer disparagingly to their health, they absolutely do not take into account the needs of their organism. According to Aliaksandr Haretski method only man can cure himself!

The secret of body regeneration lies in the ability to work with the own subconscious mind and energy, in man’s spiritual development, in the study of physical body needs, in the development of love and understanding towards others and yourself, in the development of will power and life power, in the ability to be useful to other people and to live in harmony with the environment. These are not diseases. This can’t be cured with medicine. This should be taught. This is one of the main secrets of body regeneration used in the Academy – to teach the main principles of a healthy lifestyle to our patients. If a person understands the meaning of life, loves his life and sows the good seed, if every cell of his body understands its mission he has a chance to be healthy, happy and live a long life.

The human body is a self-regulating, self-healing system. The super power of the healer is to start the self-healing processes in the sick human body, i.e. to switch it to “autopilot”.

How to make a person believe in himself, in the fact that he can be healthy? This is the most difficult task as official medicine has programmed people to the impossibility of healing their diseases. In fact there are no incurable diseases. Only the man who believes in it gets cured completely.

In addition to proven ancient methods of natural medicine unique in-house researches are used successfully in the Academy. They allow to achieve 100% results in those cases when all previous efforts were futile.

What are these unique developments of Aliaksandr Haretski?

  • Self-programming of the subconscious mind for rejuvenation, healing “incurable” diseases and a long happy life.
  • Human organ regeneration, biological body rejuvenation and integrated healing of chronic “incurable” diseases and old age by regenerative medicine techniques.
  • The transfer of the vital energy.
  • Restoration of hormone levels.
  • Microflora restoration.
  • Restoration of mechanical and energetic functions of the spine.
  • The scheme of the complete body cleansing at the cellular level.
  • Immune system restoration.
  • Non-surgical facial shaping and lifting.
  • Healing eye diseases. Vision restoration.
  • Elimination of inherited genetic diseases.

Why is it possible to perform in the Academy and why is it difficult to perform in other conditions?

Because only here we use an integrated approach and only natural methods are used to affect the human body.

For this purpose there is its own apiary with bees in the Academy. Vital natural honey is available for our patients. Creams and ointments are made from bee products according to secret oriental recipes individually for each patient.

Medicinal plants for phytotherapy are picked up by hand by workers of the Academy in ecologically clean mountain areas of Poland.

Balsams and natural oils which are made from freshly gathered mountain medicinal herbs and mushrooms by the original technology have a powerful energy and they have a unique regenerating effect. There are no such biostimulators in the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical industry doesn’t have such technologies and they won’t have them due to the lack of the technical feasibility for mass production of such health elixirs.

All these developments can help any human body to self-heal if a sick person himself desires it.