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It is the only institution in the world which uses and offers training and health-improving education system.



«It’s impossible to cure the eyes without thinking about the head, or to cure the head without thinking about the whole body. It’s also impossible to cure the body without curing the soul.» (Socrates)


Academy of Regenerative Medicine offers the training and retraining courses, refresher trainings for those who wish to become bio-energy healers with no previous healing experience, as well as those already working in the healing and caring professions. We strongly believe that Bio-energy Therapist is a Family Doctor of Natural Medicine.

Training courses will be held in Russian, Polish and English.

The author’s original method of human organ regeneration, biological body rejuvenation, integrated healing of chronic “incurable” diseases” and vision restoration is included in the curriculum.

Academy of Regenerative Medicine is the only institution where the course of treatment and rejuvenation of students is included in the curriculum. Students of our academy will be able to undergo regeneration sessions and training in practice. This gives us a great advantage over other schools as our students will be absolutely healthy and they will look years younger at the end of the training course.

The knowledge gained during the training will be invaluable!

This method of treatment is inexpensive, safe and available to everyone. It `s ideal for all people who want to cure diseases and be always healthy, for healers, doctors, beauty salons, SPA salons, saunas. It`s a new direction of treatment of different diseases. It`s very suitable for SPA resorts, recreation centers and hotels. By using this method their level of attendance will be raised and their profits will be significantly increased.

By using this method of body rejuvenation and treatment of incurable diseases in retirement homes you will raise their prestige. They will become elite retirement homes. Senior people will be glad to live there. The reservation queue to these elite retirement homes will be very long. The knowledge of effective regenerative medicine methods will be useful even for doctors who really want to help people.

After graduating from Academy of Regenerative Medicine you will get the European Diploma of Bio-energy Therapist. The European Diploma is known and recognized within the profession throughout the world. You will be able to work officially in many countries. We help our graduates to organize their business in EU countries.

The training program includes:

  • Apitherapy.
  • Aromatherapy.
  • Balneology.
  • Bio-energy-inform therapy.
  • Vibrational medicine.
  • Health restoration techniques.
  • Oriental medicine.
  • Homeopathy.
  • Diagnosis and diagnostic systems.
  • Dietology.
  • Spiritual restoration methods.
  • Breathing techniques.
  • Sound therapy.
  • Information-wave therapy.
  • Cryotherapy.
  • The restoration of spinal function and spinal disease prevention, manual therapy.
  • Massage.
  • Folk medicine.
  • Naturopathy and natural medicine.
  • Complementary and alternative medicine.
  • Health-improving practices.
  • Body regeneration, rehabilitation and prevention.
  • Reiki.
  • Reflexotherapy.
  • Body cleanse techniques.
  • SPA techniques.
  • Drug-addiction, alcohol-addiction, excessive gambling, internet addiction therapy.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Phytotherapy.
  • Physiotherapy.
  • Human ecology, habitat ecology.
  • Method of vision restoration and eye disease treatment.
  • Effective weight loss techniques and methods of keeping the body in good shape.
  • Method of treatment of “incurable” diseases.
  • Basic laws for the conduct of healing activity.


Forms of teaching: lectures, seminars, workshops, master classes.
Admission to the training courses is carried out on the basis of an interview.
A number of students is limited to 10 persons.
A medical degree is required.
Course duration: 12 months.
Czas trwania kursu: 12 miesięcy. The start of classes: from October 1
Tuition fee: EUR 1 000 000.

Contact information POLAND:

Aleksander Haretski
Phone, Viber, WhatsApp: +48609371999

Contact information RUSSIA:

Aliaksandr Haretski
Phone, Viber, WhatsApp: +79853878302

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